15 November 2016


1. - 4.  The Well Tuned Piano 8 VI 64 Day Of Gammadion (39:54)
La Monte Young, piano

5. 12 1 64 First Twelve - Sunday Morning Blues (11:25)
6. B♭ Dorian Blues Saturday 19th November 1963 - Fifth Day Of The Hammer (11:15)
[19 October or November 1963]

Theater of Eternal Music:

La Monte Young, sopranino saxophone
Marian Zazeela, vocals [Voice Drone]
Angus MacLise, hand drums
Tony Conrad, bowed guitar
John Cale, viola

This music was released in excerpts (5 + 6) in 2013 as LP.
Previously released as double LP (bootleg) in 1992 (taken from a German radio broadcast).


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Listening now to this music I realise that has been a school for many.
Pauline Oliveros and Paul Metzger comes to my mind, surely many more. Terry Riley?
Also it looks one of LaMonte Young more "played" work, with enough variations, but I dont know many of his works.
many thanks, really appreciated

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