22 October 2016


Found this CD rip today on one of my hd's.
It is a contribution from Nick before he came on board - I've forgot to post it back then....

Marcel Azzola, accordion
Itaru Oki, trumpet, bugle
Frédéric Loth, saxophones, clarinet
Rémi Desbeauvais, clarinet
Frank Gourgon, piano
Kent Carter, bass
Donald Féquière, drums, percussion
Didier Greiner, clarinet (on Suite Pour Le Monde)
Marc Steckar, tuba (on Joyaux Des Rues and Esposition De Tableaux)

1.  B. A. Basse
2.  Le Livre De Samuel
3.  Granny Salomka
4.  Suite Pour "Le Monde" (À Hubert Beuve Méry)
    - Intro Tutti
    - Marche Triste
    - La Cité Qui Rêve
    - Duo
    - Le Temps
    - Final Tutti
5.  Transit
6.  Spqr.
7.  Petit Déjeuner Avec Béa
8.  Inconséquence
9.  Rue Des Orchidées
10. Joyaux Des Rues
11. Esposition De Tableaux

Cover Painting by Olivier Melano

Recorded at Studio Ark, 1989.

Zoo Records J 9001.


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


Lucky said...

Hilarious, ERNST!!

Thanks a lot for posting this rare Azzola album, I like this a lot. :)


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I'm almost tempted to believe you're the only one which enjoy's this elusve yet really fine release ;-)
Cheers, Ernst.

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bhowani bhowani said...

Great ! Thanks a lot !

bhowani bhowani said...

Many thanks !!

Bender said...

This album is fantastic. Thank you.

brian said...

great the link is still working!

Luc Mosley said...

Thank you