11 August 2016


Here we have a rather obscure example of improvised music. I've stumbled on this release while doing my regular unsystematic but occaisonally fruitful researches.

Lilli Friedemann (* 17. Juni 1906 in Kiel; † 20. Dezember 1991 in Mölln) was a German violin and viola player and an improviser.
A pupil of a.o. Paul Hindemith she developed from the mid 1950s onward the socalled „Musikalische Gruppenimprovisation“ (musical group improvisation).
1964 she founded the „Ring für Gruppenimprovisation“ (ring for group improvisation). This was followed by the a series of writings called „Ringgespräch für Gruppenimprovisation“ (ring-talks for group improvisation).
Her first experiments towards an improvised music were through accompanying theatre performances.
In 1986 she founded the group "Ex Tempore". With this ensemble she brougt her way of group-improvising to the public.
She was also a pioneer in historically informed performances of baroque-music in Germany.

1968 she became university lecturer in Hamburg.
Today her knowledge in playing and her writings are applied mainly in music-therapy.
Her script "Ordnung ohne Herrschaft" (order without lesdership/dominance), on which she worked until her death, remains unfinished.
Her first example of improvised music was released in 1969: " kollektivimprovisation als studium und gestaltung neuer musik".

Somehow, while reading the book, I had the impression, that the music on this vinyl was produced without much knowledge of what was going on in improvised music all around the world since the end of the 1950s.
But wether this is an approbriate observation is a moot point.

The title in Englisch: A1- meter and opposition; A2 - two sound-pictures as a riddle; B1 - fog-horns; B2 - mot-play
"einstiege in neue klangbereiche durch gruppenimprovisation" means "entering into new areas of sound through group improvising"

Arend Schmidt, Beate Quaas, Brigitte Emmel, Frank Grootaers,
Lilli Friedemann, Reiner Juhl, Ulrike Gruß, Wilhelm Schulz

A1. Metrum Und Opposition  4:26
A2. Zwei Klangbilder Als Rätsel  2:11
B1. Nebelhörner 3:34
B2. Mot-Spiel 2:40

- Metrum und Opposition (seven players)
- Zwei Klangbilder als Rätsel (for seven to eight players)
- Nebelhörner (eight players)
- Mot-Spiel (a. two players with identical instruments improvise over a "Mot";
a third one offers contrast. b. two players with different instruments improvise over a "Mot";
a third one uses a simple "Contra-Mot". )

No instruments given on the vinyl. But in the book in which the 7" is housed the following instruments are listed for track B1:
organ-pipe ("trombone"-organ pipe), voice, contrabass, cello, viola, tenor-recorder.

Universal Edition – 20 P 050, Universal Edition – UE 20050  (7" - 1973)