22 August 2016

KEITH TIPPETT - solo. London 1992


1. August Air  41:02

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London   May 1992

BBC Radio 3.  Impressions. b'cast 17 Oct 1992

Don't miss Keith Tippett's excellent recent solo release Mujician Solo IV - live in Piacenza.

Also a new cd by the Keith Tippett Octet - The Nine Dances of Patrick O'Gonogon


Andy said...


jackalope said...

Big Thanks Andy! - I always find Keith Tippet worthwhile listening. ADrive is appreciated as well - they are quick and easy for me, no fuss at all. Spending a lot of time streaming The Proms (from afar) these days so this fits right in I suppose.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, as always.

sotise said...

thank you so much , simply one of the greatest piano improvisers ever amazing stuff!

ritzbird said...

Thanks a lot. Most appreciated.

guairao said...

Many thanks!!