17 July 2016


Since July 9 we're almost flooded by a wealth of Ornette Coleman ROIO's.
The last offer was given yesterday.....

We believe this more than generous contribution deserves a proper post.
Our appreciation goes to our anonymous donor!

Ornette Coleman live Paris 11-4-1965 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Amherst 11-30-1967 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Belgrade 11-2-1971 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Bilzen 8-24-1969 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Copenhagen 10-31-1965 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Berlin 10-30-1965, Bremen 12-3-1965 and San Remo 3-27-1966 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Cologne 11-11-1971 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman solo live Cologne 11-11-1971or1972 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Paris 2-12-1966 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live NYC 7-4-1972 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Bracknell 7-8-1978 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Moers 6-8-1981 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Hartford 6-30-1985 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Zuerich 10-30-1987 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Austin 11-14-2004 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Antwerpen 8-19-2007 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Essen 2-14-2007 in FLAC.


Ornette Coleman live Rotterdam 7-15-2007 in FLAC.



Sergio said...

Mama mia! What should I done with such wealth?

Anonymous said...

so glad that you posted this because it gives me the opportunity to thank the uploader.

there's some kind of glitch with your site that made doing so impossible before now. although his posts appear in your rss feed , which i access using feedly, clicking the link in the feed to the comment on your site doesn't lead to the post. i spent 30 minutes the other day trying to figure out how to navigate to current comments and was unable. clicking a current "contributions" post as they appear in the feed, leads to a page with contributions from 2011! very weird.

anyway, much appreciation to the uploader for the excellent ornette contributions, and i hope the site glitch is remedied soon.


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi erasmus. I don't understand what you refer to exactly. Otherwise I probably could help with changeing settings of the blog...?!?!?

Anonymous said...

i really don't know what i could add to my explanation. if you use feedly, or some other rss reader, i suggest you check out the feed for "contributions" and you will then experience the problem first hand. in the meantime, could you post the link to "contributions" that displays current ones rather than those from 2011? that would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

here's the rss link: http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/feeds/8476067961299535606/comments/default


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I will look into it. Have to figure out how to do....

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Tried the feed and now I understand what you meant.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, indeed

francisco santos said...


wightdj said...

Gold mine! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is incredible!
mostly shows i've never come across before, and mostly in pristine sound.
i saw this before bed...and wound up
staying up a couple of hours later than planned.
can't wait to give these all a good listen!
many thanks to the anonymous donor and to onxidlib!

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks for a truly great post
Fab musician, right eras, great sound, correct format (flac) and decent useable host (mega).

New(ish) here, but seems the right time to compliment you on your excellent blog and the wonderful selection of music. I've been lovin' the Charles LLoyd, David Murray, Paul Dunmall, Wadado Leo Smith and too many others to mention.

Thanks again, and to our anonymous benefactor too

(yes some Dylan fans love jazz too!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the guy who uploaded all those Ornette Coleman and many other ROIO's. Looks like the entire Contributions section is gone. I was gonna upload 4 more but I am done... WTF...

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

HI - if you like you could still offer your links at the contributions post or here in the comments.
Then later I can add them to this post.

Dante said...

Mostly of these concerts has been seeded for the first time on S.T.G and Dime by Carville -

nikos said...

A veritable goldmine! I always thought that there were very few Ornette "bootlegs" circulating compared to others of similar stature. This goes a long way towards rectifying the situation - many, many thanks to all concerned!

roberth said...

thank u for this amazing post
don't know how i missed it back in 2016
are there on boots from the 1990's?