5 August 2019


Anything our readers and followers would like to contribute goes here. That may include recommendations, reviews, recordings, you name it.

The earlier contributions thread was unfortunately deleted, but we have managed to recover about three years of the last five years of posts. The recovered posts have now been moved to separate posts in the new thread. All links to files are working at the time of writing. If there is anybody out there who has found that their contributions are missing, feel free to repost them or if anybody has downloaded files when they were still available, the same thing applies.  Of course, we welcome any new contributions from our followers, anything that we and you should know about.


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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

HI Jeff, thank you very much for this roio.
It was recorded - if I do remeber it correctly - by Owombat - a member of Dime plus he also used to contribute here at Inconstant Sol several years ago.

jeff said...

He makes nice covers also

Ulysses Joven said...

Hi Everybody!! Does anyone have Charles Lloyd - warm waters from 1971 in FLAC?


correct silence said...

Do you know the meaning of "contribution" and "request"?

correct silence said...

For those who are interested by the Workshop de Lyon, they have published on bandcamp a dozen of live recordings covering many years, you can check and buy here:
My favorite of all is the impressive live at Bim Huis from 1989, the sound is superbe and the music is incredible. Also available, a live performance in paris with George Lewis.

correct silence said...

as promised, finally available on cd with bonus material
a great album and a great reissue

As And said...

A few things for folks:
Henry Threadgill - Too Much Sugar for a Dime (Axiom 1993) - https://www56.zippyshare.com/v/JsqKnUAU/file.html

Ned Rothenberg Double Band - Overlays (Moers 1991)

Paul Motian, Chris Potter, Jason Moran - Lost in a Dream, (ECM 2010)

Floratone (Frisell, Miles, Chamberlaine, Matrine, Townsend) - FloratoneII (2012)

Javier Gómez said...

Hi , Ive recently discovered that you are back . Would you be so kind or anybody can upload the Mingus Concerts in Italy ? Thanks . Its wonderfull to see that the blogs ar still alive . !!!!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Javier, we were never on hiatus or similar. Always available since the inception of this blog.
However - there's only on Mingus from Italy here.

But at least I do not have the music/files.

Rick Lopez / bb10k said...

Just a heads-up... The Sam Rivers Sessionography is going to print in 2020.
I just got back from seven straight days taking scans and photographs. Unbelievable. (watch my Facebook page...)
Just wanted to say hello and thank you all for the postings and comments and KNOWLEDGE here.
—Rick Lopez

[OH. And the online doc won't be updated til post-publication (I just cannot handle the workload), but the UPDATES link in the beginning will continue to log additions. Which are many. :-) ]

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you Rick for the update. Looking forward to the book. Only one year and a bit.

-Otto- said...

I found today, by pure chance, a complete recording of the Schlippenbach composition "Minor Double Blues" -- as recorded at the 164th NDR Jazz Workshop in 1981 and as finally broadcast by the NDR this year, on July 23, 2018. This might have been the very first and only time this tune/recording has been broadcast without a fade-out and announcement.

The corresponding webpage is here and links/embeds a file that appears to be a 48khz mp3 stream at 128 kbps:


I am not sure how long this page will remain available, but if interested and a grab should not be an easy option, I could link to the mp3 I was able to grab myself (about 9.8 MB).

Minor Double Blues (A. von Schlippenbach)

Peter Brötzmann Group (164. NDR Workshop)
November 12, 1981
Studio 10, Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

Willem Breuker (reeds); Peter Brötzmann (reeds); Frank Wright (ts, bcl, voc); Toshinori Kondo (tpt); Johannes Bauer (tb); Alan Tomlinson (tb); Alexander von Schlippenbach (p); Harry Miller (b); Louis Moholo (d)

More details about this NDR Jazz Workshop and the "lost" recordings from that concert can be found on Peter Losin's Brötzmann NDR Jazz Workshop listing,


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Otto,

thanks for the hint. I've grabbed me this uncut title from the website.


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Found some interesting videos from 1984. Filmed at the IRCAM in Paris it features George Lewis, Derek Bailey, Douglas Ewart, Steve Lacy and Joelle Léandre: "Rainbow Family".


And another one with Karlheinz Stockhausen and George Lewis, though not in a duo setting.


propylaen2001 said...

As requested by correct silence:

Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera
13th Deutsches Jazz-Festival
Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
March 25, 1972

FM broadcast by Hessischer Rundfunk

1 - Tuning spread 22:46
2 - Sun / Yin* 23:25
3 - The really great escape 13:02
4 - Radio announcer names musicians 0:15

Wolfgang Dauner: piano, clavinet, synthesizer
Larry Coryell: guitar, vocals*
Günter Lenz: bass
Jon Hiseman: drums
Fred Braceful: drums & percussion

Link: https://mega.nz/#!jJwHRLoZ!2NsMrqGw1NO94t5onselg9B134_FNGKRscddzOIF6bk


roberth said...

jeff thanks for the great cecil taylor posts
ernst for the pointers to still active links on the main page,
that is useful and helpful and you even do it on a darkerside of jazz, which i appreciate

mike said...

Not my post, but Eje Thelin's Club Jazz 8 album, which I've been searching for for quite some time, can be found here, in 320 kbps:


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Link to a documentary with some fascinating footage about the Free Jazz / New Jazz Meeting Baden Baden.
F.e. a short clip where you can see Louis Moholo + Pierre Favre on a stage together with others....


Although most interviews are in German only it's certainly worth watching also for those who are not fluent in German ;-).

jeff said...

Thought there might be some interest for this one. (For those who didn't snatch it already on DIME a while back)
Julius Hemphill Quartet - Florence, Italy - June 16, 1980.
11 days after Riccardo's post from Verona. Same band.
Julius Hemphill, Olu Dara, Abdul Wadud, Warren Smith.
Thanks to carville and original taper for this gem.
Thankful for these shows. Hemphill just doesn't have many legitimate releases between 1979 and 1984......Obviously, besides the great Flat Out Jump Suite. Recorded in Italy a few weeks earlier than this show.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you Jeff - I'll grab it now.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Here's a nice documentary about the Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting.
The interviews are in German (sometimes voice over) but the footage is partially really exciting IMO. Of course I would like to see more of my favourite scenes but this is normal, isn't it.
I only say: Louis Moholo and Pierre Favre (with a.o. Peter Kowald) together on the stage. Short but sweet impressions.

jeff said...

Here is another one I got over at Dime recently.
Thanks to mbutchko and also thanks to jazzrita for correct setlist which I included in separate file as to not change the original file.

Louis Sclavis Quintet
Moers, Germany
June 12th, 2000

Louis Sclavis - bcl/cl
Jean-Luc Cappozzo - trumpet
Vincent Courtois - cello
Bruno Chevillon - bass
Francois Merville - drums

A very impressive band and great set from the 2000 Moers festival. I enjoyed this performance so much that I ordered a copy of their only official release that I could find. Louis Sclavis Quintet ‎– L'Affrontement Des Prétendants, released on ECM in 2001, a performance from September 1999. Should hopefully be receiving it soon!


jeff said...

Thanks for the link Ernst. I have to agree with your favorite scene. Would be nice to see that whole performance indeed.

Bill said...

I know many people here follow DIME but in case you do not and/or you missed a show I post older shows on my blog. please write me at upkerry14@gmail.com to get an invite. thx

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