22 June 2016

Narada Burton Greene - European Heritage - 1978 (circle)

Narada Burton Greene -  Acoustic Piano, Prepared Piano, Bell, Wooden Flute, Misc. Percussion

A1 - Renaissance Variations I. Languan Lijornson     6:20    
A2 - Variations on Roumanian Folk         14:55    
B1 - March Sun                 9:00    
B2 - Museums                 5:54    
B3 - Renaissance Variations II. Kalenda Maya         5:32    

Recorded live in De Koepelkerk, Purmerend, Holland, November 12, 1978

Circle Records, RK 121178/18
Vinyl, 1978


corvimax said...


Lucky said...

thanks a lot, corvimax - never came across this rarity. anything by burton greene is worth a listen, right to this day!

Benedrin said...

Thanks a lot, I will listen to it shortly, very happy to be able to.

NickS said...

Very nice album, thank you. Any other Burton Greene reccomendations?

Nod y said...

Thank Corvimax, I didn't know this record.
@nick some other Burton Greene available at inconstant sol
-Burton Greene Celesphere
-Burton Greene & Daoud Amin Tree
-Burton Greene & Alan Silva & Sunny Murray Firmanence
-Burton Greene Quartet Lady Bug Dance
-Burton Greene Quartet One World Music
Normally the files are still available I have downloaded them not so long ago and they are all absolutely great.

Zobrains McGee said...

Light-years ago I used to have a Greene album called "Mountains" with a solo on one side and a duo with Tom Moore [I think] on cello. Very wonderful! Wish I could hear it again...

corvimax said...

Zobrains, hello
you can find mountain here: http://differentperspectivesinmyroom.blogspot.gr/2013/09/burton-greene-mountains-live-recording.html
i think is a 320, the link is still ok

brian said...

i am posting a comment: incredible!

Solomon said...

Thank you!

NickS said...

Tried Burton Greene & Alan Silva & Sunny Murray "Firmanence". Really, really good. Thanks for that one too.

Brainzo said...

Thanks for the tip,Corvimax!

James Manion said...

Thanks Corvimax!

Chris said...

Thanks Corvimax, Burton Greene has put out some amazing LPs

Vitko said...

corvimax, I'm glad that finally I can listen to this album. Thank you very much.
Thanks also for Audio Letter, would leave a note there, but "THERE", it seems to me, to be spending too much time on fruitless political debate:)