27 May 2016

John Zorn & Pierre Boulez ~ String Quartets ~ Jack Quartet ~ Cernier; 24th August 2015

I wasn't familiar with John Zorn's string quartets before listening to this recording, but on the strength of this, I'll be looking for more. The Remedy of Fortune is the strongest piece, and contains multiple quotes from other quartets I know and play, including the Beethoven's Grosse Fuge.

This concert also includes performances of both the early and late versions of Boulez's Livre pour Quatuor; beautiful serial works that condense an entire narrative into small gestures.

John Zorn: The Alchemist
Pierre Boulez: Livre pour quatuor (1948/49)
Pierre Boulez: Livre pour quatuor (2011/12)
John Zorn: The Remedy of Fortune

Jack Quartet
Christopher Otto, violin
Ari Streisfeld, violin
John Pickford Richards, viola
Kevin McFarland, cello

Cernier, Switzerland; 24th August 2015


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Thanks! The scope of Zorn's work is stunning.

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Thank you very much.

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thanks, have just started really listening to boulez lately so this is much appreciated

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thank you VERY much!