27 April 2016


This wonderful document of unrecorded (as far as I know) quartet was shared on DIME by Owombat back in 2009, and later probably here in Contributions section, or maybe somewhere else. I did kind of remastering and spliced together original three parts of each set, as they were continuous performancces. It took four stages of equalization to make sound somehow balanced, although saxophone is still loudest instrument. Enjoy.

BROTZMANN, TiPPETT, MiLLER, KELLERS - Unterfahrt München, 1983-07-05

Set I  (41:12)
Set II  (32:35) 
Set III  (28:55)

Total concert 102:38

Peter Brötzmann - clarinet, tenor & baritone sax
Keith Tippett - piano & piano interior
Harry Miller - bass
Willi Kellers - drums & vibes

Audience recording


Miloš Latislav said...



Google Drive

kingpossum said...

Wow, hearty thanks Milos. I'm reasonably clued in on Brotz and I've not seen this lineup before. Terrific.

5-9-4zo said...

As an old tape collector,dates written that way used to drive me crazy. This is written Euro-style, right? making it May 7th? I would love to see an international understanding to write out the month when the numbers involved don't make it obvious[13-09-95,for instance,THANKS!
Brotz and KT make a very-nice pairing, some would think unexpectedly so...Harry Miller is one of everyone's favorite bass-players, still much-missed on the scene to this day. Kellers, undeservedly only mildly-documented, is always great to hear,too.

Miloš Latislav said...

Bozo, I believe the date is in format YYYY-MM-DD, logically thinking. I cannot say more to this topic. BTW, I am interested in opinions about sound, as I put a lot of energy to remastering.

onxidlib said...

I can confirm the recording date. I once asked Owombat between two mouthful of wine at his home.
So it's as Milo has written above: May 7, 1983!

@ Milo - I shall download it as well and give you feedback about the sound quality.

1983mermaidzo said...

Onx and Milo, I think you all have just proved my point! In his reply,Milos says yyyy[ie.1983--MM[month,which is listed as 07! JUly is the 7th month here in USA,at least]---then DD[day date 5th of the month!!!
Then Onx, you say it's as Milos wrote it...What am I missing? I admit following politics here in the States is getting pretty-nutty; maybe my thinking is off-kilter! But still what is it? Discographers of the future deserve better! I know some older swing-era types, and they agree clear written months help a lot. Sorry to waste valuable bandwidth on this! zo

onxidlib said...

Oh sorry - I got it wrong.
Off course you are right.
The month is July - the day is the fifth of...and the year is 1983.

> 1983 - July - 5 (day).....sorry once more...

Miloš Latislav said...

Hey, is the date and possible difference of two months 33 years ago more important than content?

onxidlib said...

Surely not! Thanks for the reminder.

almost operatimezo said...

Sorry Milos,Haven't heard your new version yet, but IIRC any work you did will be sure to help a lot, so thanks in advance. Musically fantastic set of characters in "group-first"mode...When I hear Milos-version I will come back here and give you myHO, OK? Can't wait to hear it, because I can't find my old copy right off the bat.

I'm pretty sure Brotz and KT were musically reunited at Café Oto...
PS. The new Brotzmann with the ICA ensemble on NEOS is quite fresh and unique-sounding. Gotta get ready for today's Met Broadcast of "Elektra",Salonen conducting.

bventure said...

Can't imagine how I missed this on Dime, but it seems I did, so many thanks for another shot at it!

Re dates, the whole point of YYYY-MM-DD is to be unambiguous, it's the standard which should be understood anywhere, even the USA! What MUST be avoided is DD-MM-YYYY or the (quite insane) MM-DD-YYYY, as there's no way of guessing which is which of month & day unless you happen to know whether or not it originated in the states. Having worked in IT for more years than I care to recall, I can assure you that MMDDYYYY has been the bane of my life - it's quite irrational, and a real pain if you want to sort anything in date order!

Miloš Latislav said...

DD-MM-YYYY is usual format here in Czech, like my birthdate for example - 06.05.1968 :) I agree with that YYYY-MM-DD format is and should be generally understandable format.

Anyway, any thoughts about music, friends?

Ameyezo? said...

Hi Milos! Whatever you did, if this is what I thought I had you've done wonders-much improved over what I remember. Great ambience,I love tapes like this! Sorry to take so long getting to hear it[I get by with a little help from my friends!].I love that bluesy few minutes they slide into in the second set.
However, I have the nagging feeling in my original comment I confused this with a show I now think was brotz,C.Bauer,KT and WK, but probably I'm just running low on memory juice.
Very nice show, thanks again

Miloš Latislav said...

Thank you Ameyezo. Any chance you will find that Brotz-Bauer-Tippett-Kellers recordíng?

confuzedo said...

Milos, just to be clear, I'm not sure there really is one! It may just be my memory playing tricks on me.