8 January 2016

The Dedication Orchestra live in Crawley, UK, 1992

We have received a bundle of files from "psykies", initially uploaded to the Dime torrent site. They have in common that they were all recorded from radio, specifically jazz broadcasts on BBC Radio 3, from the late 1980s to the beginning of the 2000s. We plan to post these recordings in the time to come.

Starting from the top, as it were, this is the Dedication Orchestra from a concert at the Outside In Festival, The Hawth Centre, Crawley, England on September 5 1992. The Dedication Orhestra is a huge ensemble conceived as a tribute to the South Africans that made up the Blue Notes and the Brotherhood of Breath, expats coming to Europe in the mid-60s after realising that an interracial band was impossible to combine with living in apartheid South Africa.

No, we are not going to hear the cd pictured above, but we are going to hear what's on the cd. The concert is an exact replica of the tracks on the cd, played in the same sequence, too. The post came with no track listings, but after comparing the concert with the studio-recorded cd, what we hear is as follows:

1. Traumatic experience/Ithi Gqi
2. B my dear
3. Dancing Damon
4. Hug pine
5. Andromeda
6. Manje
7. Sonja/Introduction to you ain't gonna know me/You ain't gonna know me 'cause you think you know me
8. Woza/Traumatic experience (reprise)

Track separation differs a little from the cd, because some pieces run together.

Cast of characters:

Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, fluglehorn
Jim Dvorak - trumpet, fluglehorn
Lance Kelly - trumpet, fluglehorn
Claude Deppa - trumpet, fluglehorn
Radu Malfatti - trombone
Dave Amis - trombone
Paul Rutherford - trombone
Malcolm Griffiths - trombone
Dave Powell - tuba
Lol Coxhill - saxophone
Elton Dean - saxophone
Ray Warleigh - saxophone
Alan Skidmore - saxophone
Evan Parker - saxophone
Chris Biscoe - saxophone
Neil Metcalfe - flute
Django Bates - tenor horn
Keith Tippett - piano
Paul Rogers - bass
Louis Moholo - drums
Phil Minton - vocals
Francine Luce - vocals
Julie Tippetts - vocals



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