8 November 2015


Compiled from diverse sources. Nornally I do not post anything which is readily available.
Here I took a few pieces from CDs - some of them might be still in print.

The first two compostitions are - to my knowledge - not available in any form.
Please correct me when I'm wrong.

1. Pour Les Baleines (1982) for 60 strings ( [2:49]
2. Nyuyo (Soleil Couchant) (1985) for shakuhachi, sangen and two kotos [11:26]

3. Taurhiphanie (1987-88) electronice music realised with UPIC (magnetic tape - two tracks) [11:04]
4. Gendy3 (1991) electronic music (magnetic tape - two tracks) [18:59]

5. Windungen (Retours) (1976) version for 8 celli [6:20]
Cello Octet Conjunto Iberico
Elias Arizcuren, arrangement (with full permission by Xenakis)

6. Khal Perr (1983) for brass quintet + two percussionists (vibra, 2bong, 3tom, gr c) [10:34]
The Wallace Collection
John Wallace - trumpet
John Miller - trumpet
Paul Gardham - horn
Simon Gunton - trombone
Robin Haggart - tuba
Christopher Terian, Kevin Hathway - percussion

7. Dmaathen (1976) for oboe and percussion [11:46]
Burkhard Glaetzner, oboe + Gerd Schenker, percussion

8. Gmeeoorh (1974) for organ [19:08]
Francoise Rieunier, organ

Tracks 1 to 4 are ripped from a cassette by Éditions Salabert - no information about musicians etc.


onxidlib said...


Horst said...

Many thanks for your work. The first two pieces are indeed unknown to me.

Dark Matter said...


Superb! Deeply appreciated!

All My Best!

Petty Vendetta said...

Does 1fichier work in the US?

onxidlib said...

HI Petty Vendetta - don't know wether 1fichier works is the US - why not give it a try?

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Thank you!

J C said...

for anyone interested i recorded tha Jack Quartet playing Complete Xenakis string Quartets , CETC April 16 ,2015
it´s a private recording but pretty decent

Tantris said...

Hello JC - I saw the Jack Quartet earlier this year, and would certainly be interested in recordings of them playing Xenakis. I've seen the Arditti Quartet play most of the Xenakis string quartet and trio pieces - fantastic, of course - but these pieces leave tremendous scope for different approaches and interpretation.

juan ant said...


Jack Quartet, Complete Xenakis string Quartets , CETC - Buenos Aires April 16 ,2015

Anonymous said...

Huge thanks to both onxidlib and juan ant for these offerings. I have been listening to Xenakis for more than 40 years now and still find compositions/pieces I've never heard before! Looking forward to listening.