22 October 2015


1. Trio Clusone = o.T.(1) 8:44
   Michael Moore, clarinet + soprano saxophone
   Ernst Reijseger, cello
   Han Bennink, drums

2. Trio Clusone = o.T.(2)  8:58
   Michael Moore, clarinet + soprano saxophone
   Ernst Reijseger, cello
   Han Bennink, drums

3. Bauer - Nozati - Van Hove = o.T. 11:40
   Johannes Bauer, trombone
   Annick Nozati, vocals
   Fred van Hove, piano

4. London Jazz Composers' Orchestra = Witch Gong Game lll/12 (Die Post Geht Ab)    44:24
   Barry Guy, bass, leader
   Henry Lowther, trumpet
   John Corbett, trumpet
   Marc Charig, trumpet
   Alan Tomlinson, trombone
   Paul Rutherford, trombone
   Chris Bridges, trombone
   Steve Wick, tuba
   Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
   Pete McPhail, soprano & alto saxophone
   Martin Speicher, soprano & alto saxophone
   Simon Picard, tenor saxophone
   Paul Dunmall, alto & tenor saxophone
   Phil Wachsmann, violin
   Howard Riley, piano
   Barre Phillips, bass
   Paul Lytton, drums

"Die Post geht ab" recorded at the Kurhaus, Füssen, Germany on 14th October, 1995.

Note: The piece "Die Post geht ab" was a commission of the city of Füssen
for the 500th anniversary of the post-station Füssen.The event was held during the 700th
anniversary of the city of Füssen and the 150th birthday of King Ludwig the second.
Note 2: the first piece of the evening was "Harmos".

Tracks 1 to 3 recorded (southern Bavaria) between 1993 and 1995
Concerts produced by Peter Ernst


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