17 October 2015


The "König Ludwig Lied" is a traditional song which came up shortly after the mysterious death of king Ludwig II from Bavaria.
Lyrics vary sometimes - occaisonally with a strong incriminating political content.
But it is also a quite 'kitschy' song which has also connotations to a superficial view of Bavaria and its history/customs.

1. Die Volksweise (mit dem langen Bart) Das König Ludwig Lied 1:11
2. Bauer - Nozati - Van Hove Trio = Das König Ludwig Lied 3:59
   Johannes Bauer, trombone
   Annick Nozati, vocals
   Fred van Hove, piano

3. Evan Parker Trio = Das König Ludwig Lied  15:32
   Evan Parker, soprano + tenor saxophone
   Barry Guy, bass
   Paul Lytton, drums

4. Alexander von Schlippenbach - Aki Takase = Thelonious Monk Variationen  24:52
   Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
   Aki Takase, piano

5. Alexander von Schlippenbach - Aki Takase = Das König Ludwig Lied  3:26
   Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano
   Aki Takase, piano

6. Les Trois Dames = Das König Ludwig Lied  5:11
   Annick Nozati, vocals
   Joelle Léandre, bass
   Irene Schweizer, piano

7. Les Trois Dames = o.T.  9:41
   Annick Nozati, vocals
   Joelle Léandre, bass
   Irene Schweizer, piano

8. Italian Instabile String Trio = o.T. 10:00
   Paolo Damiani, cello
   Renato Geremia, violin
   Bruno Tommaso, bass

Recorded in Füssen (southern Bavaria) between 1993 and 1995


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