24 September 2015

The Moving Form - Year of the Endless Movement (engine 2004)

you can read about it here:

the other album  mentioned there is on bandcamp:

Andrew Lamb: tenor saxophone, flute, conch shell, mismaar
Will Halsey: poetry recitation
Andrei Strobert: drums and percussion
Tom Abbs: bass, tuba.

1 Saba
2 Even the Dust
3 Nonahjayno, Nonahjayno
4 Law
5 I Know You Want To Leave Me
6 November 22, 1963
7 Flesh of the Spirit

recorded live at  Tillie's, Brooklin , NY, Nnovember 21, 2003
compositions by Andrew Lamb and trio
poems by Will Husley and Henry Dumas


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