22 September 2015


Yaqub Malik (formerly Mack Spears) .... who at 19 was chosen as the successor to Charlie Parker & shared the stage with Bud Powell, Duke Jordan, Elmo Hope & even the legendary Miles Davis....

About six years ago I got this rip from another blog. I don't remember from where. Probably it was El Reza's old blog.
But this rip is in flac (I checked it) and not in mp3.
However - thanks to the original uploader and for the LP rip.

Two weeks ago I visited a friend in Potsdam (near Berlin). During the two days of my visit he got the LP.
We listened to it and I've again enjoyed especially the first track on side A.
But the whole LP is thoroughly enjoyable. This is how I was reminded about the files on my pc.
I've removed manually a few clicks and one heavy point of blasting - that's it.

More info about Malik Yaqub you'll find here and here. Some more in Spanish here and here.


Malik Yaqub, tenor saxophone (A1 & A2) + piano (B1-B3)
J.J. Yaqub, hammond organ + tenor saxophone
G. Al Aska, bass
Debbie Gray, drums

A1. Yaqub Speaks 8:40
A2. Muna Sweet Tuna 7:42
B1. The Underworld Of Osman In The Holy Land 6:46
B2. Ruqaiyah 5:37
B3. Music For The Four In One 6:59

Recorded in San Francisco



onxidlib said...


bho wani said...

Many thanks for this improved version,Onxidlib !

corvimax said...

I didnt expect anymore to see the whole album, there were a couple of tracks around some years ago that caught my attention, many thanks

Anonymous said...

The last track contains some very distracting (yet enticing) sounds of a woman, are these part of the original recording?

Thanks anyways for this interesting album!

onxidlib said...

Yep - the woman's sound are part of the LP and do not fall in my responsibility ;-)

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Great stuff, quality sound!
Really diggin' this. Thanks, man.

kinabalu said...

If the sounds are enticing, then I would not say they are distracting :-)

onxidlib said...

Maybe distracting from the seduction (inveiglement...) :-)

indigonoir said...

This album has a permanent place on my iPod. Thank you for an upgrade.