19 July 2015

JOHN TAYLOR (1942-2015) - SOLO, Bath Festival 1996

Terribly sad news about the great John Taylor leaving us.

RIP John Taylor (1942-2015)

Beautiful man, beautiful music.


1. Pure and simple/Love theme from Spartacus/Old time  22:13
2. How deep is the ocean  10:20
3. Interview with Chris Parker  10:56
4. Helena  6:33 (w. tape flip)
5. Ambleside  8:42
6. Everybody's song but my own  6:42

BBC Radio 3  Jazz from Bath Festival, May 1996


Andy said...


onxidlib said...

Much too early! RIP

ravel said...

One of the greatest pianist and composer of jazz piano, whose harmonic wizardry was astonishing.
Thank you, maestro, for all the poetry you gifted us.

Wallofsound said...

Quite a shock. I was involved in organising a series of workshops with Taylor for September. Can't quite believe he won't be there. Terrible loss.

Tantris said...

A well-written and sensitive obituary for John in the Guardian.

Vitko said...

So, I can not believe, recently I bought the album "Breve" - the beauty and serenity of the art of the jazz ballad at its apex. The three, Hayden Chisholm - alto saxophone, Matt Penman - bass and John Taylor - piano, take part in a pristine, richly textured chamber music. Yes, it's a really lovely album. Taylor, of course, is in great shape.
I'm terribly sorry. British piano legend.

rm said...

thank you very much

Rasimov77 said...

thanks to Andy for this fine concert of GREAT John Taylor !

May the files of the 1978 NDR Jazz-Worlshop #132 with Azimuth be available ?
Would be a superb memorial of both John Taylor and Kenny Wheeler to have this workshop posted...