25 June 2015


A. Electronic Music Project Quartet

B. Electronic Music Project Full Group

Quartet and full group

Larry Stabbins, saxophone
Matt Hutchinson, synthesizer, keyboards, piano
Paul Rutherford, trombone, electronics
Phil Wachsmann, violin, electronics, tape

Full group

Bertrand Clement, double bass
Anonymous, piano
Paul Kirby, saxophone
Steve Moore, saxophone
Loz Speyer, trumpet
Phil Durrant, violin, electronics

Recorded at the West Square Studio, London, in October 1983

Kubu ‎– Kubu Cassette 004

Cassette Rip


francisco santos said...

did you forgot something ?....
THX !!!!....

Dark Matter said...

Thank you for the post; however, there's no link at all.

Anonymous said...

Link please unless this is a ZEN post.

Nick said...

Hi - I'm travelling and posting the links from the phone didn't work out so well. Enjoy the suspense!

Nick said...




matt w said...


matt w said...

Sounds like pretty much entirely piano and violin, though, until the last few minutes--is it possible that it got taped over?

Nick said...

Maybe the file name got switched with Fred'n'Phil - will have to seewhen I get home.

candle mambo said...

Nik, you're right, this could be Fred'n'Phil. It definitely sounds like Fred Van Hove to these ears.
Like matt w said, the last few miutes of side B are different: no piano there. Might still be Fred on vocals though.

Anyway: Nik, enjoy your travels and thanks again for making these tapes available!


Anonymous said...

[Nik -> Nick - sorry for misspelling!]

Luc Mosley said...

Could you re-upp this?