15 June 2015

Dennis Warren's Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble - Passport to freedom (1991)

FMRJE was established in Boston in 1989 by Dennis Warren. Between the first collaborators the most known are Raphe Malik, Glenn Spearman, Marco Eneidi.
The group is still playing with different personnel but in the same spirit.
For a proper reading:  http://www.fmrje.com/history-concerts-notes.html
For some listen (and buy):   http://www.fmrje.com/music-buy--see---hear.html
Also the older albums, originally on cassette, are available in CDr
This is a gentle gift by Dennis Warren

Raphe Malik - trumpet
Glenn Spearman - tenor saxophone
Tor Yochai Snyder - electric guitar
Larry Roland - double bass, poetry
Martin Gil - congas, percussion
Dennis Warren - drums, timbales, baliphon, percussion

01 - Passport to freedom
02 - Jet stream
03 - Search for griots
04 - Eye in the heart
05 - Future now music
06 - Chroma
07 - Alive & struggling'

Recorded at Platinum Sound, Boston, MA, november 3, 1991

original released in cassette in 1991 by FMRJE


corvimax said...


track 5 is cut and fade out at 10.32, since the last part wasnt audible on the CDr.
if somebody has it complete is very welcome

doctorsientetebien said...

This is news to me. Thank you very much .

Javier Roz said...

Thanks corvimax. New to me too.

armando said...

And with Malik and Spearman on it too, this is a wonderful treat. Thank you, corvimax and Mr. Dennis Warren!

correct silence said...

Hi Corvimax. Can you re-post please. I have seen the name of this band for years but never took time to stop and discover but recently I bought a copy of "very live" one of there records with Marco Enedi and I really like this music so I'm gonna start a trip in there catalogue. if you can re-up this one it will be cool.

corvimax said...

new link

correct silence said...

Many thanks Corvimax, so fast!

Luc Mosley said...

Big thanks!

Guitarradeplastico your favorite musician said...

Many thanks

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

With Spearman and Malik - thank you, corvimax!