7 May 2015

Daniele Cavallanti Double Trio - The Leo (Red 1987)

Daniele Cavallanti - tenor & soprano saxophones
Roberto Ottaviano - soprano & alto saxophones
Jean-Jacques Avenel - bass (right ch.)
Paolino Dalla Porta - bass (left ch.)
Tiziano Tononi - drums & perc. (right ch.)
Oliver Johnson - drums & perc (left ch.)

A1 - The Leo
A2 - Freewheelin'
B1 - Mbizo for Johnny Dyani
B2 - For Rafiullah Khan
B3 - Closing Time

all compositions by Daniele Cavallanti
recorded and mixed at Jingle Machine Studio, Milano June 2-3-4 1987

LP Red Record RR 216 (1987)
vinyl rip


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Wonderful band, thanks.

Ojayzoid said...

This one sure slipped by me,indeed!

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corvimax, thank you!!

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Thanks corvimax, interesting...

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What a wonderful surprise, corvimax! Thanks for sharing.

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