13 April 2015

Perry Robinson Trio live in Lindlar, Germany, 2008

Here are two sets from the Perry Robinson Trio, close to two hours in all, recorded at Lindlar which is roughly in the middle of Germny, not too far from Cologne. A small, intimate setting with lots of banter between the songs from Robinson and Schueller. An interesting piece of information, which I didn't know, was that Joe Hill was written by Perry Robinson's father, Earl Robinson, made famous by Joan Baez at the Woodstock festival in 1969. A nice, relaxed gig, this one, to be enjoyed wholeheartedly!

Perry Robinson Trio, 2008.11.23, Lindlar (Germany)
Lindlar, Germany
23. November 2008

Perry Robinson Trio

Perry Robinson – clarinet
Ed Schuller – bass
Ernst Bier – drums

Set 1
1. The Call
2. Switchbacks
3. Joe Hill
4. AKA Snake
5. Unisphere
6. The Feud

Set 2
7. Inside Out
8. Sooner than Before
9. Loose Nuts
10.Funky Giora
11.Mountain Soup


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Cool, thanks.

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Great music by one of the master and iconic clarinetists of our time who is, sadly, still underexposed even with so many great albums under his name and with others like Archie Shepp, Dave Brubeck and Gunter Hampel to name just a few. The amazing ESP disc with Henry Grimes is what opened my ears to playing clarinet. For those who may be interested, you can download his autobiography "The Traveler" on Amazon for a couple of dollars. His story is really worth reading. A studio recording of nine of eleven tracks here were released on his album Trio: From A to Z. (Incidentally, should be"Funky Giora"). Peace

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@Pete K: Thanks for the long comment. I fully agree. I'll change the song title. Sometimes it's difficult to get the name right when it's unfamiliar.

Pete K. said...

Thanks for the post and care, Kinabalu. Perry loves all things clarinet and is a great student of the horn and tradition in all genres. The tune is named after Giora Feidman, a fantastic Klemzer clarinetist Perry met in Europe. http://www.giorafeidman-online.com/en/

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No tidbits that I would want to share this time, just my THANK YOU to kinabalu. Thanks!

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