8 April 2015

Leonard Lonergan, Hannibal Peterson - The Universe Is Not For Sale (Smackdab Records 1980?)

Calvin Hayes - Alto Saxophone
Lucas Mason - Flute, African Flute
Buddy Collins - Guitar
Whitney Booth - Banya Drum
Grover Page - Piano
Leonard Lonergan - Soprano Saxophone
Wesley Butler - Synthesizer
Hannibal Peterson, Willis Carter - Trumpet
Bill Barber - Tuba
Sam Tillman - Electric Bass
Nathan Battles - Drums

A1 - The Universe Is Not For Sale      4:38
A2 - Saint Mingus              3:39
A3 - Saint Mingus (Part Two)           4:38
A4 - Nightriffer              4:59
A5 - Sundowning              3:38
B1 - Hello, Thelonious          5:07
B2 - Me, The People              3:30
B3 - Dreams Parting The Blue Air       11:12
B4 - Pushing Ink              4:15
compositions by Leonard Lonergan, except A2, A3, B1, by Barber, Peterson, Lonergan

no date reported on the album
probably rec. 1980, according to http://www.oocities.org/bourbonstreet/quarter/7055/Hannibal/Disko-hannibal.htm
remark: tracks 2,3,6 are trio improvisations by Lonergan, Hannibal and Barber

Smackdab Records, SD-1001, LP
Vinyl RIP

The sound quality is not the best, probably bad recording, but more than listenable


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