20 April 2015


Lee Konitz, alto saxophone, varitone
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Barre Phillips, bass
Stu Martin, drums

1. ZORES MORES (22:57)
- Zores Mores (Albert Mangelsdorff)
- At Twilight (Attila Zoller)
- 317 East 32nd (Lee Konitz)
- 'Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk)
- Ode To Billy Joe (Bobbie Gentry)
- Zores Mores (Albert Mangelsdorff)

Recorded at the Meistersingerhalle in Nürnberg, Germany on March 30, 1968.

Recorded by BR (Bayrischer Rundfunk)


onxidlib said...


JC said...

Thanks for this interesting line-up.

Javier Roz said...

Thanks onxidlib!

Subconcious-zo said...

This stuff is Unbolievazo! A proto-MUMPS with Lee instead of Surman! Just what a clown ordered!

Bill said...

Thanks onxidlib!

softnucleus said...

Great! Thanks a lot, onx! I didn't have this one.
A proto-MUMPS with Lee instead of Surman!
A proto-THE TRIO with Lee and Albert instead of Surman!

Vitko said...

Another fine recording that should not be missed. Thank you.

Arkiver said...

Many thanks for what will no doubt be another fantastic post!

propylaen2001 said...

Many thanks for another interesting recording.
Is this the same version that had been on Dime a few years ago, or is it a different transfer?

onxidlib said...

@ propylaen2001 - don't know - I got it from an older collector who's heavy into Albert Mangelsdorff (a.o.)

propylaen2001 said...

The guy who posted this on Dime back in 2007 goes by the name of SAMMLER_KK. Does this ring a bell?

onxidlib said...

I know SAMMLER_KK from DIME off course.
But as I wrote above an older collector (he wrote a book about Dolphy - available on demand) gave me this recording.
He's now 75 - so he should know some other collectors.
About them my old boss who has a collection of 80000 Jazz (and Blues) LPs.
How many bootlegs they have in their collection I don't know.
But I'm sure they have several thousands.
Another one has recorded for about thirty years at the (original) Domicile (Jazz club) in Munich. Mostly with the permission of the musicians.
See for example my German All Stars posts here at IS.
Apart from my own collection (which is not too small) these generous guys are a main source for my posts here or elsewhere.
But back to the recent post.
Probably it is from DIME - but the files on my pc do not have a checksum. Normally I keep the files from DIME as I got them (except the textfile which I adapt to my prefered layout).
So - who knows ;-)

SOTISE said...

thanks!, amazing fragment... as good as the classic record on MPS.

Peter said...

Love this, didn't know about the ZOKOMA album. For new listeners: this is one track, a long medley of tunes, with each theme statement coming in at these times...
Zores Mores (1:32)
312 E. 32nd (by Lennie Tristano) (9:28)
In Twilight (12:33)
'Round Midnight (17:48)
Ode to Billie Joe (19:20)
Zores Mores (21:50)