19 March 2015


A1. Minor Kimuchi
A2. Blues Talk

B1. Mrs. Robinson
B2. Soul Talk

C1. Pig's Legs
C2. Blind Man

D1. Blues In My Soul
D2. Georgia On My Mind
D3. Pepe

Ushio Sakai, Hammond B3 organ
Tetsuo Fushimi, trumpet
Teddy Adams, trombone
Takeru (Ken) Muraoka, tenor saxophone
Hidehiko Matsumoto, tenor saxophone
Ryo Kawasaki, guitar
Motohiko Hino, drums

Elec Records - ELW-3004

Recorded live at the Yokota Non-Commissioned Officers' Open Mess, on 8 April 1973

LP Rip


headman said...

Marvellous...where do you find 'em, Nick?

Anyway, thanks again for sharing....I'm listening to it whilst typing this. The title says it all...."A Jam in Yokota"

francisco santos said...

big TH !!!....

Thad said...

If it has Hino on drums, I'm definitely listening. Keep up the great work - always love a j-jazz spotlight.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

MrBill said...

This is great, thank you!

Wallofsound said...

Looking forward to this one.

Lee said...

I owe this blog (and Nick in particular!) so much for broadening my horizons far beyond US/European recordings.

Jazzjet said...

A wonderful J-Jazz share. Thanks, Nick.

DW said...

Nick, listening to this reminded me of a Japanese film called "Battles Without Honor and Humanity". If you like Yakuza films this is the one to watch. Its telling of the Yakuza's rise in Japan after WW II is chilling. This album would have provided a perfect soundtrack.


They even came out in the same year.

brian said...

adrive is still working!

mike said...

Hi Nick, could we get a re-post? Thank you!

Nick said...



mike said...

Thank you!

Juby said...

Thank you so much for reposting this! I’m really grateful for your help in broadening my musical horizons! Take care.