11 March 2015

Burton Greene Quartet - One World Music (Cat records 1984)

Burton Greene - piano, percussions, voice
Fred Leeflang - sax soprano alto and tenor
Raoul van der Weide - bass
Clarence Becton - drums, percussions

A1 - Portugese Impressions         16:17    
A2 - 63rd And Cottage Groove         7:07    
B1 - Round Robbin'             6:13    
B2 - Cokertme             11:25    
B3 - When You're In Front Get Off My Back     4:40    

recorded januaary 18, 1984 in Holland
music by Burton Greene except track 4, traditional

Cat records, CAT LP-49
vinyl rip


corvimax said...

1fichier has problem, I hope mega is ok


-Otto- said...

Thank you, corvimax. And mega seems to be working quite well for me recently.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

tpfkaa said...

Righteous grooves! Thanks corvimax.

Nick said...

Thanks for more BG

Igor said...

Mega works fine. Thanks for this gem, M.

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jackalope said...

Loved Lady Bug Dance with BG & Leefling (been thirsting to hear more of Leefling since). Change up in the bass n drums, looking forward to hearing it. Thank you! PS Mega works well for me.

indigonoir said...

Great album. Thank you.