19 February 2015


Sonny Grey, trumpet
Alain Hatot, tenor saxophone
Mal Waldron, piano
Gus Nemeth, bass
Kenny Clarke, drums

A1. Skippin' 5:44
A2. Journey Without End 12:06
B1. The Fire Now 10:44
B2. Antony 8:13

A2 + B1 by Mal Waldron
A1 + B2 by Sonny Grey

Recorded 3-11-71, Paris

MERCURY BT-1313 (1974 Japan)

Originally on NUMERA RECORDS mai 8 (mai 9)

(vinyl rip)


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

'fresh rip' made two days ago:

bhowani said...
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Megapouetman said...

Unknown to me as-well, I am a Waldron Fan ! Thank you so much.

Vitko said...

This is a good album, deserves the original cover.

Numera Rec. cover:

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Vitko for the Numera cover!

OldHippieRick said...

Thumb Up on Post
It's one of those albums caught in the moment live in Paris France Nov. 3rd 1971. Sonny Grey with Mal Waldron and Kenny Clarke + some local musicians (more rocker) but were into the setting

Mal Waldron and Kenny Clarke need no intro, their work stands for them self and on most everyone's radar....

Sonny Grey Jamaican jazz trumpeter in Groups:
Daniel Humair Soultet, Septet Matchi-Oul, Clarke Boland Big Band and played with Dexer Gordon once that I know of .. Most of records can found were mid-60's and early-70's stuff and then he gone off the radar don't know why..

Alain Hatot tenor sax and flute and a member of Rhesus O along with Alain Monier, Francis Moze, Guy Pedersen, Jean-Paul Asseline, Serge Lenoir, Thierry Blanchard with Rhesus O on Epic [EPC 64560] LP 1971 a crate diggers Psychedelic Rock classics gem so he was not one sided Jazz Blues, R&B, Bop shame he never on anyones radar...

Gus Nemeth, double bass aka A. Nemeth from the rock LP "Rusty Nails " on ‎Warner Bros. Records [56 441] LP US 1978 and is never on anyones radar... oldhippierick ✌

Solomon said...

Thank you.

boogieman said...

Thanks Onx', interesting combination of musicians with different backgrounds. Quite unusual context to hear Kenny Clarke.
Gus Nemeth can be seen on a short video accompanying Keith Jarret, with Aldo Romano on drums in 1969: http://www.ina.fr/video/I07206245


Anonymous said...

Great recording. Actually I like the versions of Journey Without End and The Fire Now better than those of the studio album with Steve Lacy. -John