22 February 2015

James Dillon ~ Nine Rivers (Glasgow, November 2010)

James Dillon worked on the pieces that make up Nine Rivers from 1982 to 1999, but it was only in 2010 that all nine were performed together. I think there have been at least two subsequent complete performances, first in New York and then in Holland, but this is my recording from BBC Radio 3 of the November 2010 performances in Glasgow.

The music has depth, power and range; its influences aggregate like tributaries - Messiaen, Stravinsky and Bartok are obvious - and voices from jazz and popular music can also be heard (I'm sure I can hear Talking Heads in La Coupure), but it also carves its own distinct path. It's surprising that this has not been issued commercially, and if there are plans to do so, please advise in the comments and the links will be removed.

Part I: Leukosis
East 11th Street NY 10003 (1982) 
L”ECRAN parfum (1988) 
Viriditas (1993-1994)
Le femme invisible (1989)

Part II: Iosis
La coupure (1989-2000)

Part III: Melanosis
L’oeuvre du noir (1990) 
Éileadh squaibe (1990) 
Introitus (1989-1990) 
Oceanos (1985-1996)


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Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Oh, yeah...this fellow! Scottish, self-taught, works in Minnesota now? His "Soadie Waste" release on NMC caught my eye some time ago but I never was able. I read he's been put into the "New Complexity" category with 3 other composers. From Wiki: "In music, the New Complexity is a term dating from the 1980s, principally applied to composers seeking a "complex, multi-layered interplay of evolutionary processes occurring simultaneously within every dimension of the musical material" (Fox 2001). Sounds like Anthony Braxton, frankly!
Thanks again for making the music more available Tantris.

wightdj said...

New to me, fine introduction. Thanks.

James Flagg said...

Thank you for this one!



Horst said...

Many thanks for posting this valuable recording. It's a shame that publicly funded radio stations are hoarding unimaginable treasures in their vaults, often unavailable on record. They're broadcast once and then forgotten. Your efforts are highly appreciated.

chris_c said...

thank you, much appreciated

onxidlib said...

Great share, Tantris.
Only know "Spleen" and "Ignis Noster / Helle Nacht" from him. All three compositions I enjoy.
Looking foward to hear this main(?) composition.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post
these have been available quite a while already on simon cummings' nice blog 5:4 though
well worth checking out if this is your cup of tea...


JC said...

Thanks for the dose of modern classics. This may inspire me to work up the files from a few things of this nature if there's interest here.