9 January 2015

TONY LEVIN TRIO - City Gallery, Leicester 1991

TONY LEVIN - drums
PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and c-melody saxophones

Set One

1. One for Len  40:21

City Gallery.  Leicester. 19 September 1991

The trio went on to be called the Babu Trio and then the Deep Joy Trio.
If you haven't yet heard the wonderful 4 cd set Deep Joy on DUNS Limited Edition, download it here.

Hear also Deep Joy Trio Live in Austria FMR CD298-1210


Andy said...


Andy said...

OK. Looks like the Deep Joy needs re-upping already. Tomorrow.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Was Mr. Levin the "taproot" for the Mujician formation? Or was the Tony Levin Trio a branch off Mujician more like?
Apologies for my ignorance.
And thank you.

bventure said...

Thamks again Andy for yet another from your seemingly bottomless cornucopia of goodies.

wightdj said...

Delicious, thanks.

Howard said...

Thanks Andy, and a Happy New Year.

softnucleus said...

If 2015 begins in this way, what will happen in its continuation?! Another gem from your endless archive! I love this trio, Live in Austria actually is the video from Rudersdorf I sent to you.
I have a dream: to have Deep Joy Trio (with Mark Sanders) here in my place next late October. In the coming weeks I will be less mysterious... :-)

Andy said...

@Auntie Bop
Good question. Tony wasn’t really the main instigator; Mujician just sort of came about. Rogers had played with Keith in the 70s. Dunmall had known Keith since the early 80s at Treforest jazz summer school and had been playing in a trio with Tony Levin and bassist Tony Moore. Both Rogers and Levin played in the Keith Tippett Sextet. Dunmall, Rogers and Levin all played with Alan Skidmore in Tenor Tonic. Dunmall and Tippett had played together with Tony Levin at Levin’s Birmingham club and when Rogers returned from a stint in America they got a gig together in Cardiff under the name Paul Dunmall/Keith Tippett Quartet. Keith suggested the name and that was that.
The trio minus Keith came about as a working group after Mujician was born, although they had played together at Tony’s house before.

Danny said...

Hi Andy,
Thank you for all the Dunmall music.

Wallofsound said...

It is Deep Joy. Thank you.

miloo2 said...

Thanks Andy! Only one-words comes to my mind for describing the music -- hilarious, sparkling, emotional :)

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

I didn't expect the heat generated at this performance! Also unexpectedly, the intensity between Dunmall and Levin almost renders Rogers irrelevant for long stretches! For all the foot and arm work Levin's doing, I don't think he needed a stool under him to keep suspended! Good to hear. Thanks again.