10 January 2015

Michael Vlatkovich - 9113 (Thankyou Records 1984)

Michael Vlatkovich - Trombone, Percussions (A1)
Chuck Sabatino (tracks: A1, A5) - Bass, Percussion, Voice
Tony Garcia (tracks: A2) - Soprano and  Tenor Saxophone
Devorah Vlatkovich (tracks: A3, B2)  - Vocals
David Crigger (tracks: A4) - Drums
Vinny Golia (tracks: B1) - Baritone Saxophone
Michael Jacobsen (tracks: B3) - Cello
Bobby Bradford (tracks: B4) - Cornet
Bill Mays (tracks: B5) - Piano

A1 - Fiends With An Are 9113    
A2 - The Are ... I Am / All I See Are Firetrucks    
A3 - When Do Clowns Cry?    
A4 - Complete With Black & White Cows    
A5 - Serphemple Pog    
B1 - But My Chair, In The Cafeteria!    
B2 - Where Hello Means Good-Bye    
B3 - 9113    
B4 - 9113: White, Black & White, And Mostly Brown    
B5 - Friends 9113

compositions by Michael Vlatkovich

Thankyou Records, mv003, vinyl


corvimax said...

track 1 and 2 digitalised togheter and then split manually.
a light declick


Igor said...

What a great band! Thanks a lot M.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

David said...

Hi, is it possible to reup this please? Thanks!

corvimax said...

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