29 January 2015

Burton Greene, Daoud Amin - Trees (Button-Nose 1973)

Daoud Amin - bongos ans percussion
Burton Greene - piano, percussion, lotus flute

A1 - Suite: Variations On Darbari Kanada In Three Movements (1973)   25:55
B1 - Woodstock Vibrations (1967)     11:38
B2 - Vishnu (1972)     13:09

all compositions by Burton Greene,  A1 is based on a theme by Jamaluddin Bhartiya

side A recorded live at the Doelen Alternative Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, June 1973
side B recorded live at the Central Museum Utrecht, September 1973

Button-Nose Records - 002
vinyl rip


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Nick said...

Lovely, thanks

serviceton said...

I really like this record. I ripped it with an idea to post somewhere, ages ago - I forget what happened then. Now we have this great new FLAC rip
Burton follows his instincts into varied and dramatic places. Amin's hand drumming is fantastic and compelling on the Darbari Kanada Suite.
There's a rare interview with Burton Greene in the just released Jan edition of Jazz Inside http://jazzinsidemagazine.com/publications/guide/january-2015 (starts page 42)

Thanks corvimax for this one!

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Thanks corvido. Ramón.

SOTISE said...

Just a plug, for Greenes recent release
on Studio 234 Eric Zinmans label...
"A 39 year reunion celebration" duo with Lawrence Cook..... its magnificent
one of Greene's best Albums... as good as trees is despite the 2nd rate recording quality, 39 year reunion is superior in everyway!!
Studio 234 is distributed by Improvising beings, among others.

Nick said...

I can second that Sotise

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-Otto- said...

Thank you, corvimax!

Mount Zo said...

I have a favor to ask of the community. Does anyone have a clean copy of BG's "Mountains"? I finally replaced my [missing]vinyl, but the one I have now is in AWFUL shape, and it is a BEAUTIFUL album with fantastic inside-the-piano stuff, right up there with Keith T. Thanks, and happy Valentine's Day to everyone from the ZOO.

serviceton said...

I do Mount Zo. It's on my 'to post' list @ 9GC, with a couple of the other hard-to-find Greene LPs of the 1970s. When? Er.. soon. Or soon-ish anyway. So if you just can't find it, and don't mind waiting, it will show up there.

Sotise's comment re Greene's 'A 39 Year Reunion Celebration' release is spot-on too.
You can also get this release direct from Studio 234 by emailing studio234@ericzinman.com

David said...

Hi, can this be reupped please? Thanks!

corvimax said...

new link

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john_a said...

This looks good, but I've had no luck with the file after downloading it twice.
The .rar file seems cannot be opened as archive, cannot extract/unzip.
Was the archive renamed after being created? That could be root cause.
Anyone else have same or different experience?

john a

corvimax said...

john, I think the problem is the version of winrar that we used. I used the latest version, or a most recent one: 5.5.
The older versions cannot open the rar file compressed with version 5.

john_a said...

corvimax - Yes, that was the issue, I needed a newer version that was compatible with your winrar 5.5 I generally use 7zip, but when it failed yesterday I grabbed a current release of WinZip, which also failed (uninstalled Winzip immediately, it sucks.)
So today after reading your helpful post, I updated my very old 7zip version to 18.05 and all is well ! Loving these Burton Greene re-posts, much appreciate all of this!
- john a