12 December 2014


A1. Around Again
A2. Nital Rock

B1. Taking Steps
B2. Snow
B3. From The Center

James Duboise, brass
Mario Pavone, bass
Laurence Cook, percussion
Bobby Naughton, piano
Mark Whitecage, reeds

Recorded in an outdoor concert at Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan, Connecticut, on 12 October 1969.

Otic Records ‎– OTIC 1001

LP Rip


Nick said...



Anonymous said...

The concert is from October 12, 1969. Outdoor in Connecticut in December? You'll freeze your tookus off! Thanks.

corvimax said...

fantastic! another one on my list, many thanks for this

Nick said...

We're hardier than that in Edmonton. But thanks and I changed it.

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Curious to hear DuBoise. A pseudonym, perhaps? It's very "woodsy" around these areas. I met Laurence Cook in a small pub on the Massachusetts border 30 years after this recording. He was double-teaming with Voigt backing Sabir and then Moondoc. The chemistry with Sabir was so molten and hilarious by turns that Moondoc's set was a comparative letdown. I'll never forget Sabir's dreds pulsating off his back as his tenor swooped up and down squealing, while Voigt shouted "BEBOP!" picking up his bass and planting it three feet forward before shouting "BEBOP!;" Laurence hitting his gigantic horizontal china cymbal with such a wallop it lifts up off the rod and crashes onto the floor, ...and another three feet forward for the bass, "BEBOP!"
Laurence asked if I had anything to smoke afterwards; seemed pretty nervy, shaken up. I'd admired his work with Bill Dixon and never heard him play this hard. I haven't heard anything from him so early as this, 1969. And in such special company! Thanks for the chance! (Sorry if I ramble...)

serviceton said...

Bulkang U. Antibop - James DuBoise isn't a pseudonym, although possibly a slight mis-spelling. James DuBois along with Juma Sultan opened and operated Studio We - one of the earliest and long-running New York loft spaces of the 1970's.

Can I mention that Bobby Naughton still has vinyl available (!) of some other of his releases at his website - bobbynaughton.com. I ordered all 3 available titles this year and they sound great! If you like Nature's Consort for instance, you will love The Haunt which is fantastic. Nauxtagram & the Solo LP are also great, & the one CD title 'Zoar' is also good.
/End plug for supporting living musicians by buying their releases.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Thank you so much, serviceton!
Had used the wrong search terms for DuBois/e, so your information was very helpful to get me on the right track.
Was just wondering about Naughton a few days back, having only ever heard him with Wadada, and here you provide this! Will definitely check it out!
Good plug, too! :-)

Vitko said...

I have an album Bobby Naughton Units - Understanding (JAPO, 1973), but this now hear for the first time. Thank you Nick.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

This is great! Thanks again, Nick!
With this intensity, these guys would play in December, snow falling, no flinching!
Anyone buying this record expecting a sort of a an Alfred Deller lutesong is in for a rude surprise.

JC said...

Thanks. I enjoyed this (and the surprise of a bit of a sort of rock fusion vibe for a spell in there). Had the good fortune to see Mr. Pavone a few months ago. He still brings it and is in the thick of very creative music.

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francisco santos said...

if it's out of print re post, please...

bisquit adams said...

This is such a tough one to come by. Can someone please re-up this album?