31 December 2014


A1. Baloyi
A2. Ezilalini
A3. Zukude

B1. Sonia
B2. Angel Nemali
B3. Nobomvu
B4. Sekela Khuluma

Dudu Pukwana, alto saxophone, piano, congas, percussion, vocals
Harry Miller, bass, bass guitar
Louis Monolo, drums, percussion
Bizo Mngqikana, tenor saxophone, percussion, vocals
Mongezi Feza, trumpet, congas, percussion, vocals

Recorded and mixed at the Manor Studio on 25th August and 10th November, 1973.

Caroline ‎– C1504

LP Rip


Nick said...




Solomon said...

Thank you!

serviceton said...

Thought I had this - was wrong.
I remember it as ace. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the Dudu posts!

Jazzjet said...

Wonderful! Many thanks.

dogon ad said...

Thanks Nick

Wallofsound said...

Highly recommended. You may find my Dudu Pukwana discography useful. http://wallofsound.wordpress.com/2008/10/18/dudu-pukwana-discography/

serviceton said...

Ah! - from the first note, I DO have this, but with a later, colour cover, on CD. This, and Louis Moholo's Spirits Rejoice are 2 of the great 1970's afro-jazz records.
I urge anyone to download this great, soulful album - it's wonderful!
Wallofsound, your Dudu discography is a great resource - thanks for the reminder. :-)

Nick said...

It was re-released on Earthworks. The Electric Jive blog has some great live recordings.

Doug S. said...

This one never gets old. Wonderful.

kinabalu said...

Nice seeing this up again. I uploaded the third - Flute Music - recently and have started reupping the 80s afro-funk-jazz whatchamacallit records on Jika. All terrific, if you ask me (which shouldn't be necessary).

Djordje said...

Have this on cassette, my friend record is now to difficult to find. Thank you immensely!

-Otto- said...

Thank you, Nick!