2 December 2014


Charles Sullivan, trumpet & fluegelhorn
Sonny Fortune, alto saxophone
Stanley Cowell, piano
Alex Blake, bass
Billy Hart, drums
Lawrence Killian, congas, percussion
Dee Dee Bridgewater, vocals
L.Sharon Freeman, fender rhodes (only tr.3)
Onaje Allen Gumbs, piano (only tr.2)
Anthony Jackson, bass guitar (only tr.3)
Alphonse Mouzon, drums (only tr.3)

A1. Evening Song     8:31
A2. Good-Bye Sweet John (In Memory Of John Foster: Pianist)     5:57
A3. Field Holler    3:42
B1. Now I'll Sleep     4:36
B2. Genesis     17:36

Recorded at Sound Ideas, N.Y.C. June, 20 & 21, 1974.
"Field Holler" recorded at Minot Sound, White Plains, N.Y. July 24, 1974.


(vinyl rip)


onxidlib said...


corvimax said...

a welcomed upgrade to my poor bitrate copy

-Otto- said...

"Matthias" must have been a lucky guy. Thanks, onxidlib!

onxidlib said...

Did I wrote "Matthias" anywere at the post?????
It seems you know from whom I've got the LP!? Or...?
BTW - he is still recovering from a heavy fracture of the leg...at the moment he's on rehab.

-Otto- said...

The dedication is on the back cover scan. And no, I didn't know about M. and the fractured leg. I wish a fast recovery!

onxidlib said...

Oh yes - forgot about it.
Charles Sullivan was in contact with Matthias Winckelmann from ENJA then.
Obviously they didn't make an album...
There are plans to release music from the ENJA vaults.

onxidlib said...

...I thought you knew about M.W. from "...and the leftovers" where I've posted the album before.

-Otto- said...

No, I have to disappoint you. I guess I missed out on the leftovers while they were still up/available.

As for the various coexisting enja labels, man... how many great albums are still in their vaults that never made it into the digital format. I'm looking forward to plenty of treasures. Maybe they could rival the FMP efforts on d:o/bandcamp. I wish them all the best!

Steffen said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

any more strata east on flac would be most welcome

Franco said...

Thanks for this !

Anonymous said...

A groovy and enjoyable record. Thanks onxidlib!

boogieman said...

Merci Onx'

I had a poor quality rip from the good ol' days of the Strata East fanclub.
Cheers and merry Xmas (almost there!)

Luc Mosley said...

Thanks for this awesome share.