6 November 2014


This LP was posted about four years ago over at Dust in the nostrils. Go there for more information about the group and Ermoll.
I got it from a friend but it seems to be from the blog.
However - as the last request for a re-up is from December 2013 I take the freedom to post this strong outing here again.
I've manually removed the worst clicks etc.

Edward Bronson, tenor saxophone
Serge Ermoll, piano
Lewis Burdett, drums

A. The First Movement     17:15
B. The Second Movement  19:30

Recorded October 10, 1976.
Recorded and mixed at Earth Media Recording Company, Sydney Australia.

FREE KATA 002 (vinyl rip)


onxidlib said...


Vitko said...

I'm very happy about this re-post. Thank you onxidlib. I'll be so immodest and to ask, whether it is likely that we will soon see the second part with John Clare.

SOTISE said...

Australia's best ever free jazz group... they played a re union gig in the early thousands.... Pierre C.. found this rip online after i told him about the record ,hence the link to the blog.... i cant believe i sold this and their second lp.. what a stupid fool!
Kata is a Japanese Martial arts term

Serge Ermoll, died last year i think, Serge was a Martial Artist, a friend who had known him told me he had accidentally killed someone years ago , and suffered from serious depression and alcoholism ever since the tragedy........... i assume its true but who knows?

Eddie Bronson is still alive making , More middle of the road 'Gypsy Jazz", Slavic Folk etc,& playing a lot of Accordion>>

TinyRonin said...

THANKS for this album and i hope the second volume comes next. Incredible playing here !!!

onxidlib said...

Thank you for some background, Sotise!
@ Vitko - maybe not so soon but I certainly will post it.

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Byron Sigrano said...

Thank you for the chance to hear this. I always hoped this might be reissued on CD because it is the exemplary Australian free jazz from the period. I saw the reunion gig in a pokey room near Central Station with Jon Rose on violin. Names are correctly Louis Burdett and Edouard Bronson.
Eddie recorded 'Night Spirit" about a decade ago. It is a great tenor saxophone album that is worthy of consideration. He played a Real Book style jazz gig at National Art School about six years ago with Steve Elphick and Simon Baker. He is the totally versatile musician.

Luc Mosley said...

many thanks!