20 November 2014


This NDR Jazz Workshop was in the collection of Rudi Fuesers. First I didn't realise what it was as the cd-r has almost no information on the cd or booklet.
But I took it home for a try - and found to my astonishment an unknown workshop!
Obviously it was in his collection as Fuesers is playing on it.
Soundwise this workshop is probably the best I've ever heard.

Ack van Rooyen, trumpet & fluegelhorn
Kurt Sauter, trumpet & bass trumpet
Rolf Schneebiegl, trumpet & horn
Klaus Mitcherle, trumpet & fluegelhorn
Rudi Fuesers, trombone & bass trombone
Rudi Flierl, tenor & baritone saxophone
Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
Helmut Reinhard, baritone saxophone
Karl Berger, piano
Joep Christopher, bass
Klaus Hagl, drums
Hans Gertberg, announcements

01. introduction + theme 2:24
02. Broadway 4:01
03. Lonely 6:48
04. Homer's Concert 3:24
05. Remember 4:05
06. Warming Up The Bar Worm 4:57
07. Monkey 4:28
08. Nippon Kazuki 6:01
09. Hard Bop For Hartung (Hans Koller) 3:35
10. It Had To Be You (Isham Jones) 3:02
11. Cry 6:12
12. Soft And Easy 4:12
13. introduction 1:38
14. Tune For Antibes (Hans Koller) 6:25
15. Waltz With Me (Hans Hammerschmid) 5:00
16. Black Cats (Hans Hammerschmid) 4:48
17. Indiana (MacDonald/Hanley) (fade-out) 2:44

Recorded January 27, 1961 at Großer Sendesaal, Funkhaus Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.

At least two more titles were performed: "Workshop After Hours" (7:49) and "D'Accord" (6:01).
Hans Gertberg announces "D'Accord" after "Black Cats" as a trio of piano, bass and drums...obviously not included in the cd-r I inherited from Rudi Fuesers.

Note: On "Tune For Antibes" only quintet. On "Waltz With Me" solos by Koller, Van Rooyen and Schneebiegl on horn.
On "Black Cats" two tenors played by Koller and Flierl.


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