26 November 2014

Charles Tyler - Folly Fun Magic Music

Charles Tyler ~ Folly Fun Magic Music ~ 1992 (1995 Reissue)
Bleu Regard CT 1941

Following on from some 1970s postings of Charles Tyler below, here we move right up to 1990-92, his final years in France where he had settled. On this recording, he is accompanied by a French crew of much younger age, probably thrilled to be in the company of a 60s legend.

Stylistically, this record is all over the place which is not necessarily a bad thing to these ears. Starting with a mellow jazzy rendering of Wagner, it moves on to Bach and then to country and western (!), sounding not unlike Bob Dylan round about John Wesley Harding time. Nowadays, this is known as "Americana". Tyler can do that, too.

Then it's on to European fok, Native Indian chants and even futuristic folk, but with a link to the past! The record rounds off with a duet with Santacruz which strikes me as a signpost of what was to follow on his next and final record. Some folly, lots of fun and and more than a touch of magic! This is great record of maturity, versatility and as Thom Jurek says in his Allmusic review, more than that, it walks on the edge of profundity.


1. Ride Of The Phantom Politician (For Richard Wagner) 10:12
2. Just Me Luck (For Jean-Sebastien Bach) 3:35
3. She Caused His Soul To Fall 7:08
4. European Folk Outline 5:52
5. Shownee Indian Song 8:38
6. Star Ship Future Folk Music 9:28
7. Folly Fun Music Magic 6:20
8. Spanish Castle 4:05

All compositions by Charles Tyler, except 8., which is a creation by Bernard Santacruz and Charles Tyler.

Recorded live on digital two tracks by Gerard de Haro, Studio Aid, Pernes-Les-Fontaines, 10, 11 November 1990 and 26- 27 February 1992

Charles Tyler: composer, arranger, alto & tenor saxophones, harmonica, pan pipe, tambourine, vocals
Bernard Santacruz: double bass
Remi Charmasson: guitar
Christian Zagaria: violin
Jean-Pierre Jullian: drums


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