19 October 2014


Roger Guérin, trumpet
Dusko Gojkovic, trumpet
Hans Koller, alto & tenor saxophone
Michael Hausser, vibraphone
Attila Zoller, guitar
Armin Rusch, piano
Oscar Pettiford, bass
Jimmy Pratt, drums

Disc 1
1. Blues In My Mind (M. Hausser)     11:52
2. Long Ago And Far Away (J. Kern-I. Gershwin)     5:05
3. Blues Around Joe (H. Koller)     7:08
4. Yesterdays (J. Kern-O. Harbach)     3:50
5. I Like To Recognize (A. Zoller)     4:38
6. Back In Paradise (H. Koller)     4:56
7. Are You Real? (B. Golson)     3:43
8. Autumn Leaves (J. Prevert-J. Mercer-J. Kosma)     4:36

Disc 2
1. H.E.C. Blues (M. Hausser)     8:14
2. How About You? (R. Freed-B. Lane)     4:55
3. Moanin' (A. Blakey)     6:42
4. Tune Up (M. Davis)     4:46
5. Minor Meeting (H. Koller)     4:33
6. Sometimes I'm Happy (I. Caesar-V. Youmans)     4:42
7. Happy Afternoon (A. Zoller)     2:49

Recorded in December 22, 1958 at Grosser Sendessaal (Studio 10) des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg, Germany.


onxidlib said...

...hey Sotise - here's one more...

next is ready - soon here - more are easily possible - have most of them on an external hd - enjoy

sotise said...

they are stunning thank you!!!..a pity there isn't one of Hans Kollers free sound with guests!

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Anonymous said...

Very great to hear some *classic* 'swingin' jazz here (amongst the sea of free music), and with such a stellar cast of European (and transplanted American) musicians! Also, interesting that this is a live concert before a live studio audience! Thanks Much! --dandor

Solomon said...

Thank you!

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Thank you so much!