21 October 2014

LiMBO (2005)

LiMBO (self-released, 2005)

1. Takto! / This Way!
2. Vzpomínka na Afriku / Remembering Africa
3. Frygidní muži / Frygid Men
4. Mr. Long
3. Balada o starých časech / Ballad about Old Times
6. 4 v bazaru / 4 in Bazaar
7. Franta / Frankie
8. Karlíkovi z lásky / To Charlie with Love
9. Dalí na pastvě / Dalí on Graze
10. Nahý rabín (Krása, děkujem.) / Naked Rabi (Great, Thank You.)
11. Blues ze sna / Blues from a Dream
12. Tušení / Premonition
13. Škrunda / Clump  {bonus track}

PAVEL HRUBÝ - tenor sax, bass clarinet
FRANTiŠEK KUČERA - trumpet, flugelhorn
TARAS VOLOSHCHUK - double bass
MiLOŠ DVOŘÁČEK - drums, percussion

Recorded 13. - 14.5. 2005, Faust Records studio, Prague

Czech group Limbo (well, the bass player is Ukrainian, and current drummer from Slovakia), led by reed player Pavel Hrubý, will celebrate 10 years anniversary soon. As acoustic quartet, they are always operating ECM-like side of freebop with slight direction towards improv (at concerts especially). Other (sometimes parallel) seven piece, so called electro-acoustic incarnation is no less attractive. Presented here is their self released acoustic debut, which was reissued last year as mp3 download by blogspot netlabel Signals from Arkaim with one bonus track.
Their fourh (third acoustic) album titled Koncert from 2012 is out on Polí5 label and available in all formats with Name your price option on label's bandcamp store.


miloo2 said...

336 MB at ulozto.net

miloo2 said...

BTW? Signals from Arkaim has o lot of great improv-stuff, here is one of the newest http://signalsfromarkaim.blogspot.cz/2014/10/sfa033-ensemble-56-live-from-opava.html

corvimax said...

thank you miloo, totally unknown to me.
and appreciated, will check all the rest too

miloo2 said...

As term "Limbo" is relatively frequent in musical world and searching info about avilability of their 2nd and 3rd album might be be difficulut, I am adding link to my soundlocloud set with tracks from all four albums with all necessary info https://soundcloud.com/milo-latislav/sets/limbo

Greg Pickersgill said...

Wow! That's an absolutely excellent record, from a band I had never heard of before. Well, once again INCONSTANT SOL has genuinely enriched my life. Thank you so much!

I have to say that miloo2 is quite right - finding info on their other recordings really is difficult, especially when some of the results lead to nowhere or dead pages. But this is a case where persevereance will bring huge rewards.

Wallofsound said...

New to me. Thanks.

francisco santos said...