29 October 2014


A1. Laughin'Sophie
A2. Saxifrage
A3. Three-four Strings
A4. Parodixieland
A5. Big Ben

B1. Java For Raspail
B2. Before Z
B3. Horoscope
B4. Three-Four-Two
B5. King Of The Mountain
B6. Up To The Light

Jean-Luc Ponty, violin, clarinet (B6)
Bernard Vitet, flugelhorn (A1,2,5,6, B4,5)
François Jeanneau, soprano saxophone (A1,2, B2-6)
Jean-Louis Chautemps, tenor saxophone (A1-4, B2-6), baritone saxophone (A3,4)
Joseph Martin, french horn (A1,2, B2-6)
Claude Lenissois, bass clarinet (A1,2, B2-6), clarinet (B3)
Jef Gilson, piano (A1-4, B1-6)
Henri Texier, bass (A1,2,3-5, B1-6)
Stephane Vilar, drums (A1-4, B2-6)
Mowgli Jospim, trombone (A4, B4,5)
Pierre Bergeret, trumpet (A5, B1)
Ivan Jullien, trumpet (A5, B1)
Michel Poli, trumpet (A5, B1)
Jean-Pierre Burtin, trombone (A5, B1)
Dominique Watre, trombone (A5, B1)
Raymond Pichereau, bass trombone (A5, B1)
Joseph Martin, french horn (A5, B1)
RM Nicolas, clarinet (A5, B1)
Claude Lenissois, bass clarinet (A5, B1)
François Jeanneau, soprano saxophone (A5, B1)
Jean-Louis Chautemps, tenor saxophone (A5, B1)
William Boucaya, baritone saxophone (A5, B1)
Michel Portal, alto saxophone (A5, B1)
Claude Langue, harp (A5, B1)
Jean-Claude Petit, piano (A5)
Jacques Thollot, drums (A5, B1)
Willy Coquillat, percussion (A5, B1)

Recorded in Paris, Januray and March 1963

Palm ‎– PALM 19

LP Rip


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beautifulnoise said...

More than 30 years ago I had the LP Daniel Humair/Jean Luc Ponty/Phil Woods/Eddy Louiss ‎– "La Sorcellerie A Travers Les Ages / Gravenstein" in my collection. Unfortunately I sold it, cause I liked side B only. In case you have it in your collection, could you eventually upload it? Would be great!

kinabalu said...

Only the B-side I presume ...

Kostas from Piraeus said...

Thanks a lot....
All the best!!!
Will you upload the fourth album of these 4?
Thanks again...

Solomon said...

Thank you!

DoubleA said...

Thanks so much.

beautifulnoise said...

Hi kinabalu, the B-side or the complete LP (Daniel Humair/Jean Luc Ponty/Phil Woods/Eddy Louiss ‎– "La Sorcellerie A Travers Les Ages / Gravenstein"), both would be fine, if you could upload, please. Thanks in advance.

francisco santos said...

is this one been re-issued ?...if not can you re post it ?...
Big THX !...