25 October 2014



1. 4:53
2. 7:56
3. 7:38
4. 4:07
5. 5:33
6. 27:49
7. 7:29

BBC 1971


Andy said...


kinabalu said...

Very sorry to hear that. He was one to straddle the jazz-rock boundary. Of the three Cream members, I was not expecting he would be the first one to go. Time to listen again to the Things We Like cd. I will look around to see if there's anything we can post. Most of his recorded output, is still in print, I would think.

Anonymous said...

Very, very sad news. A serious musical talent, both in performance and composition.

Many thanks for the 1971 BBC memories.

Bruzo the Sad one said...

Big loss for music people everywhere! Like Kinabalu, I have a very soft spot for "Things We Like", an absolutely killer album, everybody playing great and inspired! Let's not forget his major role in Escalator O.T.H.,either!
Whether Slowhand disowns it or nor,"Crossroads" from WOF is one on my top ten rockers of all-time!
Condolences to all who knew him and loved him.
I'm so Glad [I could read today's robocode!]

anon'n'on said...

thanks,here's jack a few yrs later w/ the tony williams spectrum road group at seattle's jazz alley in 2012. not the greatest sound single file @ 320 http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/11390339/file.html

grumpy said...

Seems like only yesterday that I saw him live, on a college tour in the UK, but it was 40 years ago.
He always seemed a reluctant rock superstar.
To hear him as a jazzer also check out his playing on the difficult to get hold off acoustic piano trio:
Mike Taylor - Trio (1967)

Many thanks Andy for the BBC broadcast which I haven't heard.

Andy said...

Mike Taylor Trio (1967) flac

SOTISE said...

sad news, thanks for the music, especially the upgrade on the great Mike Taylor session!

kinabalu said...

Let me throw another one into the mix. This is decidedly on the jazzy side of the spectrum with two old jazz chums joining in, Dick Heckstall-Smith on reeds and John Stevens on drums. I guess this is Heckstall-Smith's gig, though. He was not adverse to crossing the rock-jazz boundary himself, given his long tenure in Mark I of Colosseum and Stevens had his fusion thing going in the 70s with Away. This was recorded in Crawley, UK, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in 1993, and taped off radio and put on line by "psykies". No relation to Sikes, I think.

Goodies here:


jackalope said...

Long before I gave Jazz a glance I was grooving to Jack, Eric, and Ginger. Then playing w/Zappa on "Apostrophe", and later I found "Things We Like". Seems like his music has been in my life as long as I can remember listening to music. Thank you Jack, you will be missed. Thank you Andy for bearing the sad news and bringing out some fine Jack jams - (I say it without hearing them yet - it seem to me that everything he played on turned out well)

SOTISE said...

Thanks K, For the Addition..
as for the Mike Taylor Trio, nice pics

Or umh you can buy a vg+ copy for 2900 bucks !!!!
a great record , i had a scratchy rip that skipped from a friend ... and am truly grateful for the "upgrade"

matt w said...

RIP Jack. Thanks for the posts, everyone.

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

Zubbid said...

Huge thanks to anon'n'on for the Spectrum Road show... I've collected as much of their stuff as I could locate, and this one is new to me.

Igor said...

Sad news. At the end of the sixties, I was a teenager in socialist Yugoslavia, and then I started listening to Hendrix and Cream. I remember that at that time it was deeply subversive, progressive and even revolutionary. Jack Bruce was one of my heroes then.

Anonymous said...

Truly sad news. I remember my excitement the day I first saw 'Things We Like' in my favorite record shop. It was the first post-Cream release I knew about by any of the band's members. I also recall the shock/surprise and immediate pleasure upon first listen. It is still my favorite Jack Bruce record and a 'desert-island' disc. Thanks, Jack, for all you have given us.


rev.b said...

There are some musician's who tug at your heart when they leave this mortal coil and Jack is one. I'd bump into him in all thiese unlikely places, like with Carla Bley, Michael Manter, Out-looking jazz like this, blues, pop and so on. Sorrow mixes with joy at times like these - sorrow for the loss and joy and all the joy he and his work brought to the world. Bye Jack.

miloo2 said...

Thanks for all the greats, men. Is this Surman - Bruce - Hiseman session different to these on Jack's Spirit double CD?

JC said...

miloo: I believe 1-6 correspond to:

John Surman
Jon Hiseman
Jack Bruce

Session 1. Recorded at Maida Vale Studios, London, England, 10 August 1971. This was originally broadcast in two parts on 31 August 1971 and 23 February 1972.

10 August 1971 Session

01 Baru (Surman) 4:58
02 Powerhouse Sod (Bruce) 7:57 **
03 Oom Bham She Bam Bom (Surman) 7:40
04 Jack's Gone (Bruce) 4:08 **
05 Clearway (Hiseman) 5:35 **
06 Eleven (Surman) 27:54

{Timings above slightly different than here)

Track 7 appears to be an ever so slightly shorter edit of Track 03 (perhaps that tune was broadcast twice).

Nod Y said...

Hi Andy Kinabalu and all the followers:
Here is the exact track listing of this recording, it will gives me the opportunity to notice a problem.
1, 15 mn past 3, - 2, powerhouse sod, - 3, 10 to 4, - 4, Jack’s gone, - 5, clearway, - 6 eleven or 20 past 4, - 7, 10 to 4.
First, in this file, track 3 and 7 are the same.
All those tracks comes from two different sessions: track 2, 4 and 5 where recorded on August 10, 1971; track 1, 3 (and 7) where recorded on June 26, 1978. There is a mystery about the track 6. its duration is the same as Eleven (from 1971) but I owned the 1978 broadcast and this track was the last one titled 20 past 4. The duration of 20 past 4 is normally 12 mn 08 but the track on this file and on my radio broadcast of 1978 is 27 mn 54 s, the duration of « Eleven » that is supposed to have been recorded in 1971, that’s why I titled it first « eleven ». if it is clear and if someone have more informations about this track it can be helpful.
I also can say that two tracks from the 1971 session are missing from this post: « Baru » and « Oom Bham She Bam Bom ». All the tracks on this post except track 6 (Eleven/20 past 4) are available on the triple Jack Bruce cd « Spirit live at the B.B.C » « Baru and « Oom Bham She Bam Bom » are still unreleased. Last information: this trio named itself « At The Third Stroke » for the 1978 session.
Thank Kinabalu for the Bruce, Heckstall Smith, Stevens session, i only can suggest people to buy « This That » from the same band, a studio session recorded for Konnex, if it is still available?

Farmer Allan said...

Would some kind soul re-post the Spectrum road file? It's a rare case of a dead Zippy file.

Thank you!