12 October 2014


Here's a post for Rasimov77 - he shared some goodies in the 'Contributions' section.
Among the links was one for a GUO recording from 1979.
It turned out that it was a part of the recording presented here.

Manfred Schoof, trumpet
Enrico Rava, trumpet
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Paul Rutherford, trombone, euphonium
Günter Christmann, trombone
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute
Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Bob Stewart, tuba
Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano
J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall, bass
Paul Lovens, drums & percussion

Disc 1
1. Flat Feet (E. Rava)     13:51
2. Reflections (M. Schoof)     12:48
3. Trom-Bone-It [Trombonaut] (G. Christmann)     7:56
Disc 2
1. Boa (A. von Schlippenbach)     11:26
2. Nodagoo (K. Wheeler)     10:47
3. Quasimodo (S. Lacy)     11:23
4. Worms (S. Lacy)     9:53
5. The Forge (A. von Schlippenbach)     9:15
6. Improvisation (Globe Unity Orchestra) (encore)     5:59

Recorded January 26, 1979 at Stadttheater Bad Godesberg, Germany.


onxidlib said...


-Otto- said...

Thanks, onxidlib! Pretty great sound quality too.

SamRivers D said...

what a lovely edition of the GUO! Pilz, Stewart, Niebergall, Lacy...
coming to this blog is like finding a new chamber in the great pyramid every time. i bow to y'alls efforts.

armando said...

It seems to be the same team of Compositions. Thank you very much!

Rasimov77 said...

thanks very very much onxidlib !!
I've seen this concert already on P.Losin's list and assumed that it could be the one I taped and where I could not record the first broadcast because my tape recorder was broken that time.
Now - 35 years later - I got the opportunity to listen to the missing tracks again - what a great pleasure !!

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sikes said...

Thanks a lot for this looks very interesting

JazzHound said...

this is some great music! Wondering, though, about the titles. #2 clocks in at 12:48 but is, I believe, Worms by Steve Lacy. (checks against Worms on Globe Unity in Japan - sample at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWKeiWbO7dc) Not sure about other titles...

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Yes JazzHound, probably you're right. Haven't checked the titles so far. The track titles were included in the files I've got.
This uncertainty is the reason I appreciate it when the announcements of a recording are included in shares and deleted which is quite regularely the case.
Often they do give valuable informations about a recording and/or the circumstances of it.