7 October 2014


A1. Voyage From Jericho
A2. Return To The East

B1. Just For Two
B2. Children's Music March
B3. Surf Ravin

Arthur Blythe, alto saxophone
Charles Tyler, alto and baritone saxophone
Ronnie Boykins, bass
Steve Reid, drums
Earl Cross, trumpet

Recorded July 1974 at Studio ONE, N.Y.

AK-BA Records ‎– AK 1000

LP Rip


Nick said...



SOTISE said...

thanks for the "upgrade"on this magnificent record!!

Igor said...

Finally a decent rip of this album which every household should have. Chapeau, Nick.

My sympathies go to Earl Cross here. Perhaps because he was widely ignored at the time and he is the only one on the list here who has not had the opportunity to record an album as a leader.

-Otto- said...

1974 with Arthur Blythe. Thanks, Nick!

-Otto- said...

Man, this album is great! One of the most engaging records I've come across in quite a while. Again, thank you, Nick!

onxidlib said...

Hi Igor,
at least Earl Cross had the chance to release half of an album > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2012/02/sam-rivers-tuba-trio-earl-cross-sextet.html
I'll do a re-up soon.
And the new LP on No Business has him as a co-leader - at least that's my impression > http://nobusinessrecords.com/NBLP78.php

Andy said...

Thanks very much Nick. Good stuff.
PS Anyone heard from wightDJ lately? He's noticeable by his absence.

kinabalu said...

Nice! I have this as a cd on the Bleu Regard label. Got a couple of other Bleu Regards, Live in Europe: Jazz Festival Umeå (wrongly spelled on the cover) and Midnight Drifter, in case there's an interest. And I keep coming back to Eastern Man Alone, one of the all-time faves!

Nick said...

Hi K

I've put up Jazz Festival Umeå, but just about any Bleu Regard or later Tyler CD appearances, I don't have, so that would be great.

Anonymous said...

I have never come across this before and it is the earliest Arthur Blythe I've ever seen. Looking forward to hearing it. Many thanks.


unitstructure said...

I heard this group without Blythe but with Earl Cross at a place called "The Brook" in NYC in the 70's.Byard Lancaster sat in later.It was a great night of music.The bassist had a very thick,deep sound

Andy said...

Just seen this: for Earl Cross fans.

SamRivers D said...

look to the horace tapscott circle for even earlier arthur blythe. sometimes he went by Black Arthur. one time i was lost in oakland california and pulled over to ask a few tough guys for directions. this album just happened to be blaring on my speakers. one fellow came over and said "I'm not normally the good samaritan, but because i like this music you got on here, i'll hook you up." anyway, what a joyously raucous album with beautiful work from everybody. another thumbs up here for earl cross. i always hear reid's glutinous thump when I think of this album, horns skating and grinding over top...

SamRivers D said...

every household! he he! indeed!

indigonoir said...

Nick, thank you for sharing your two Charles Tyler albums. I listened to them both this morning and enjoyed them a lot. I only discovered Charles Tyler about a year ago - it was Mid Western Drifter and I have been hooked ever since ...another household conquered! eheheheheh.