4 September 2014

Billy Bang/John Lindberg-duo 1979(anima lp 1bl-36)+B.Bang-Distinction without Difference-1980

Update 4-9-2014
A repost of the great 1979 Anima duo LP + Distinction without Difference, Billy Bang's 1980 Hat Hut (IRO4)LP
No Syrup, no EQ,no tracking... just light manual De Click 

(POST-12-8-2008)Another timeless relic from the halcyon
years when the New York loft scene was burgeoning with fresh talent. Lindberg and Bang are both particular favourites of mine ,discovered years ago whilst stumbling across those early new york string trio records on black saint. Lindberg was a teenage prodigy who was playing with the likes of Jimmy Lyons, Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton and Sunny Murray while barely 18. Those more familiar with either of the two's later work may struggle at first to find a way into this session which is about as thorny as anything from the period. the pieces are largely improvised and make full use of extended techniques like col legno , and scrapping, and even what sounds like tapping the soundpegs inside the resonators of the instruments. This is the only ANIMA lp i've ever come across ,it appears to have been an artist run label that was very short lived.. ive included scans of the contemporaneous catalog in the files. this is truly superb and still sounds very fresh. i recommend the flac's ,but will also upload the mp3's. BTW/ im hoping someone has the collaboration by David Murray and Charles Tyler mentioned in the catalog as the next forthcomming release. enjoy!!


sotise said...

mp3's soon

sotise said...

vbr mp3 220-256kbs

fslmy said...

Thanks man!! i've been listening to everything with John Lindberg I can get my hands on. Looking forward to it.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for this. Not what I expected at all. I think it'll need a few more plays.

Your reference to a Murray Tyler collaboration got me interested. As far as I know they only performed twice together on a commercial release: Ted Daniels In the Beginning; Billy Bang Outline # 12. It would be marvelous to discover there's a Murray I don't have in my collection, so if others have information that would be most welcome.

If the reference is to the Billy Bang record (which was 1980) I'll put that up next.

sotise said...

WALLOF man ,that bang would be great , though thats not quite what i meant ..check out the anima catalog include in files... anyway hope you enjoy the above .

serviceton said...

"thorny" ?
I've heard wilder, less diatonic rampages at Irish barn dances
Anyone hesitating at possibly "difficult musik" coming down the pipe - fear not - Get This!

Both players are great here - some of this flat-out swings!..

Even pre-String Trio of New York, these guys go way back - the older man's third record session (Bang - b. 1947) was also Lindberg's first. This was on Frank Lowe's 'Lowe & Behold' LP from 1977(nudge nudge in ribs sotise....[?]..)

Beautiful record - thanks !

sotise said...

ah S..UNFORTUNATELY i cant help with lowe and behold exept possibly with a low(e) qual mp3..
i believe GLMLR has the lp and if he's willing to send me a rip sometime , i will upload it without hesitation...
glad you like the duo....
keep well!

AlexMachen said...

absolutely fantastic record. the interplay is just amazing

tmorange said...

i believe anima was bang's own label. sweet space (1979) an untitled gift (1982) were reissued on CD a few years ago by 8th harmonic breakdown

lindberg has had me hooked ever since i heard his command performance on the lyons/murray jump up release.

looking fwd to this, thankyou sotise!

unitstructure said...

Thanks for this rarity.I saw Billy Bang play earlier this month and he still can turn it up,up,up!

Anonymous said...

would be great to grab this one? so if someone still has it, please reup!


Pete K. said...
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Pete K. said...

p.s. While Bang was on most, if not every releases from Anima Records he was not owner or producer. That honor belongs to John Mangione who lived on the Lower East Side and also played some trumpet. A quiet guy who really helped put Bang on the map.

SOTISE said...

Bang Lindberg-Duo 1979

Bang-Distinction without difference

Flac Pics

Pete K. said...

Great music, thanks.

kinabalu said...

Thanks for the re-up!

Hookfinger said...

Repost is much appreciated. You cats rock!

Bhowani said...

Thank you, sotise for this reup !