29 June 2014


...a few days ago I remembered Sotise's request for this LP - finally after more than two years....

Side A:

PRISMEN (25:15)
für Soloinstrumente und Orchester (1974)
Roswitha Staege, flute
Erich Bolz, oboe
Dietrich Fritsche, clarinet
Doris Kahlenbach, harp
Richard Armbruster, percussion
Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken
Hans Zender, conductor

Side B:

3 Zwischenspiele aus der Lyrischen Tragödie
von Frederico Garcia Lorca für großes Orchester (1963)
Sinfonieorchester des Südwestfunks
Ernest Bour, conductor

WERGO WER 60 077
(lp rip)

Note: "Bluthochzeit" (Blood Wedding) are the interludes to Fortner's opera of the same title.
Yet they stand separately as socalled "absolute music" according to Wolfgang Fortner.
The opera (lyric tragedy) itself was based on the drama "Bodas se sangre" from Frederico Garcia Lorca. Lorca himself was killed by the spanish fascists (Falange) at the beginning of the spanish civil war.
Apart from his poetic arts Lorca was considered as an exceptionally gifted musician...


onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

i'll check out anything ernest bour committed to record! heard his dallapiccola ulisse?! jesus!

-Otto- said...

Looks like a continuation of what used to be on wolffifth. Thank you, onxidlib!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Daniel Karrer said...

Holly cow, what a curve ball!!! Amazing!

SOTISE said...

thanks onxi, i've been away for several months looking after my mother post knee operation , totally computer free,Nice to come hom,e to this APPRECIATIONS!!!!

onxidlib said...

Welcome back, Sotise! Hope you enjoy the music.

Anonymous said...

f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c !!!

El Vox said...

I always get a virus alert with that 1F link, just saying. It never worked either. Would like to here this however.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

New link