8 June 2014


Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Eje Thelin, trombone
John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Mike Osborne, alto saxophone
Anthony Braxton, alto & sopranino saxophone, contrabass clarinet
Alan Skidmore, tenor saxophone
Chick Corea, piano
Dave Holland, bass
Barre Phillips, bass
Stu Martin, drums
Barry Altschul, drums, percussion

1. Conflagration (B. Phillips)             14:04
   Solos: Skidmore; Mangelsdorff/Corea; Martin/Altschul; Surman (ss)/Wheeler

2. 6s and 7s (B. Phillips)             12:28
   Solos: Phillips; Surman (bs); Wheeler; Braxton; Skidmore; Mangelsdorff
3. B (S. Martin)                     10:40
   Solos: Altschul; Mangelsdorff

4. Malachite (J. Surman)             12:26
   Solos: Skidmore; Surman (bs); Mangelsdorff/Osborne; Braxton (cbcl); Corea

5. Coins (C. Corea) (inc)             02:56
6. Causes Are Events (K. Wheeler)     16:24
   Solos: Mangelsdorff; Braxton (as); Corea

7. Sometime Ago (C. Corea) (inc)     16:32
   Solos: Braxton (sss); Corea; Wheeler

Recorded at Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg on November 27, 1970.


onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

Great line up, thanks.

-Otto- said...

Very impressive. Thank you, onxidlib!

Doug S. said...

Good lord is this magnificent! A lovely companion to Cunieform's "Flashpoint: NDR Jazz Workshop - April '69." The inclusion of Braxton's quartet a the time with the Brits is fascinating and wonderful. Profound thanks!

Jazzjet said...

Magnificent is the word! Many thanks.

john said...

This looks good; fascinating that the Braxton / Corea group 'Circle' is within this line-up.

Anonymous said...

There are several fascinating aspects to this set of
performances other than the marvelous music.
There is the inclusion of the 2 bands Circle and
The Trio (Surman, Phillips, Martin). Also, there's
this early version of Corea's "Sometime Ago,"
which is a huge contrast to the well-known
studio version recorded in February, 1972. I had
long assumed that Corea made an abrupt break
from the exploratory music of Circle to the more
structured and commercially viable music of
"Return to Forever," yet here he is playing a
composition which we'd only heard in a much
more conventionally lyrical version, this time
with very "outside" solos and structures. Amazing stuff.

TomP said...

Many thanks, beautiful music !!

Lawrence said...

Gorgeous music. Braxton's solo on Causes are Events is BLISTERING. Too bad about the rip. There are some flaws (annoying electronic clicks, the bane of my existence) that were not part of the original recording.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


Pere said...

Much appreciated, Ernst

Luc Mosley said...

Lovely post! Thanks!