11 June 2014


Paul Dunmall, soprano saxophone, vibraphone, voice, percussion, ocarina
Paul Rogers, 6-string ALL bass
Philip Gibbs, guitars, autoharp, gopichand, theremin

1. The State of Moksha  61:48
(words by Swami Sivananda) 

Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  14 February 2002
Engineer: Jonathan Scott
Painting: Paul Dunmall


Andy said...


Andy said...

Dear fans of Paul Dunmall (and I hope those of you who weren't are checking him out). It was Paul's idea to post his Duns Ltd Edition catalogue on Youtube. I suggested that they could also appear on a Facebook page and also as downloads here on Inconstant Sol. Of course the most interest is here where all the cool guys are. In my continued Dunmall missionary work, if any of you are Facebookers, could you 'like'the DUNS LIMITED EDITION page and share some of the postings there with your jazzer friends, I'd be grateful. The Youtube and Facebook postings are usually a couple of albums head of those on IS. When I have made the dl links they also appear on the Facebook page. Thank you. Enjoy.

Wallofsound said...

I do hope this spreads the word about Dunmall's work to a wider audience of listeners.

klakadak said...

I know of Paul Dunmall as a very intriguing player, and all these Inoconstantsol posts will lead mi into deeper exploration of his music. BIG thanks to Paul Dunmall and Andy for sharing this terrific music with us!