11 April 2014

RADIO JAZZ GROUP STUTTGART feat. Christmann-Schönenberg-Bojé "STUTTGART 1976"

Günter Christmann, trombone
Detlef Schönenberg, drums
Harald Bojé, synthesizer
Wolfgang Dauner, piano

1. Cave Canem              07:57
2. Tet-Anus                10:56
3. Sueddeutscher Rundfunk  11:45
4. Trio One                06:42
5. Trio Two                09:38

Recorded at Studio Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany on November 19, 1976.


onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

thank you,
looks interesting.

martin said...


-Otto- said...

Thank you, onxidlib!

matt w said...

THANK YOU! There can never be enough Christmann.

Bojzo said...

Christmann/Schonenberg Duo were in my top 3 FMP groups of all-time,maybe even at the pinnacle! And the album "Remarks", with Boje added on one side, was glued to my record player for years. Very soft spot in the clownheart for these guys! So to paraphrase Martin,"OUTASITE!" Onx is to be praised!!!

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paul said...

Yes Christmann and Schonenberg were a great duo. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Are there people who read this blog who can point me to more Bojé performances outside of Stockhausen's improv---sorry, intuitive music!---group?

And yes, indeed, anything with Christmann has to be heard.

Thanks for another great upload,