17 April 2014

HARRY BECKETT - PAUL DUNMALL - CHRIS BOLTON - TONY LEVIN. Jazz Club Friday, Cannonball, Birmingham. 1989

HARRY BECKETT, trumpet, flugelhorn
PAUL DUNMALL, soprano and tenor saxophones

KEITH TIPPETT makes a brief appearance on vocal and flugelhorn near the end.

Set One
1. 18:56
2. 20:40

Set Two
1. 46:54

Jazz Club Friday at the Cannonball, Birmingham.  13 January 1989

Monotype 1985 by Paul Dunmall.


Andy said...

Set One


Anonymous said...

a wonderful group to feature beckett.
thank you

ritzbird said...

I am looking forward to giving this a listen tonight.
Many thanks.

Danny said...

Thank you once again Andy for opening up your treasure chest ... Dunmall + Beckett : WOW !! And the 2 sets of the concert !

softnucleus said...

Hey Andy! I guess you expected my comment, am I right? I opened the I.S. page only now, late in the night. I'm very tired and I'm going to bed now, but tomorrow I'll try to find the right words... In the meantime British heroes like Harry Beckett and Tony Levin are still playing, at least in my dreams...

Vitko said...

Beautiful. Thank you Andy.

Basszo the Fan said...

In all the well-deserved hero-worship this time let's pause to give Chris Bolton some props,too! I remember this show, incredibly tasty and Ms.Bolton provides that Ware/Garrison type bottom that gives everyone that magic-carpet ride they need to strut their stuff. A TRUE unsung hero of the scene, and a player sorely in need of more "official" recognition and visibility. Isn't there some great jams somewhere with The Maestro,Tony and her?

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks very much Andy

Wallofsound said...

Many thanks for this Andy. I wished I had lived in Birmingham when Tony and Chris ran this late 80s version of their club. At least I can hear what it was like.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this fine recording of a gig that I actually attended. The main reason I know that it was this gig is connected with the unscheduled appearance of a rather 'over-refreshed' Keith Tippett who added a slightly Bacchanlian tone to the final stages of the second set. Not something you'd forget in a hurry!

I also recall that my partner arrived about 10 minutes into the first set, having come directly from work. She'd heard some of HB's more mainstream stuff and liked it, but she was no fan of 'free' playing, so I sat and winced through the first set, imagining that I would be accused of misrepresenting the nature of the gig to her during the interval. In fact, she confessed that she'd had a terrible day at work and had arrived with a slight headache, but in allowing the music to just wash over her, she emerged cleansed by the experience and was actually looking forward to the second set. My oh my, the curative powers of free jazz....

The Cannonball was a relatively short-lived venture in a Digbeth backstreet boozer but the landlord and landlady (sadly I have not retained their names - that's age for you) were lovely people and ran a really good place that sadly could not sustain itself financially for too long. I remember we had a huge party on the final night where we drank the bar dry. It was quite a send-off.

chrisc said...

Delightful stuff! Thank you Andy.

Jazzjet said...

Love everything with Harry Beckett. Many thanks, Andy.

Miloš Latislav said...

Wonderfully vital music! Thank you so much, Andy!

Anonymous said...

I'll keep it short... WOW! Thanks again, Andy.