22 April 2014

Dan Rose-Close Opposites-1978,Alacra LP 3007

A rare early album , by Dan Rose, a conceptually interesting  , adventurous guitarist who is too little known, .

wide variety of tunes here,delivered with subtlety and urgency.. great band featuring the only slightly less neglected masterful Perry Robinson...plus Mark Whitecage, John Betsch and Mario Pavone..

Rose is still recording, including several recent albums on enja..
here's a link to his site which includes a broad biographical overview


SOTISE said...


softnucleus said...

Thank you for this obscure gem.
The lineup is great and reminds me the Gunter Hampel bands.

Sergio said...

Really very rare album! Many thanks!

Colin Green said...

I really struggle with 1fichier.com. I don't have an account, and it refuses to let me download without one - just repeating that without premium status, I can't d/load more than one file at a time. In fact, I can't even d/load a single file at a time. Any chance of making files available on one of the other services, all of which work fine?

SOTISE said...

Colin, everyone has limitations mine is bandwidth, slow upload speed thin pipes,lots of traffic going through ancient telephone wires, no matter what host one uses someone will always complain, you have only ever left comments here complaining about
file hosts..

Colin Green said...

I take that as a "no" then, which could have been expressed rather more politely and with less vitriol. My observation was that I couldn’t download from 1fischier at all, not that it was too slow etc. And I’ve not noticed any general criticisms of download services from other users but in fairness, I’ve not read every post on this blog.

As to your other comment, sadly that's not true. I rarely post (this is probably about my second this year) and although I took part in a general discussion about preferred file hosts a few years ago, I can’t recollect ever having asked if a different file host could be provided: a fairly innocuous request in any event, which hardly amounts to criticism.

What I have done is left occasional comments thanking those that have uploaded files – though not as often as I should – and once or twice commenting on a rip. I think you must be confusing me with someone else.

serviceton said...

Wow - I never heard of this until now.
Whitecage, Perry Robinson and Armen Halburian were all on the self-titled Interface album with John Fischer from 3 years earlier.
Dan Rose's website not coming up ATM - I'll try again later.
Thanks for this !

serviceton said...

Colin - you must be clicking the wrong button at 1Fichier I think.

Here is a screenshot with the cunningly hidden *real* 1Fichier download button clearly marked


Colin Green said...

That was the button I was clicking, but to no avail. I’ve managed to solve the problem however, by clicking on the “Secure SSL Version” button at the top of the page, and then the download button on the new page that appears. Must be something to do with my security settings. Thanks for the assistance. And thanks for the upload.

headman said...

Thanks for sharing this rarity, Sotise....it's much appreciated.

...and Colin, the way to overcome your problem is to click on the "Secure SSL Version" at the top of the 1fischier page which removes the "can't download more than one file etc" message. You should then be able to download OK.

Vitko said...

A great album, thanks. Exactly feels that good old school. I have not had a chance to listen to now.

Wallofsound said...
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SOTISE said...

Colin, look up vitriol in a dictionary, i was definitely not being abusive or vitriolic, but hey pardon me if i don't feel sorry for you because you can't download 2 files, at once.

Colin Green said...

But I think we can agree, you are being abusive now. Completely unnecessary.

sandor essedy said...

thanks for this one; I don't know Dan Rose, but others. (I'm not an encyclopedy).

Fourcade said...

Thanks for such an interesting album! Fabulous sound, too.
Cheers from Spain.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for sharing
what seems to be yet another interesting recording.

furhead said...

@Colin Green - I think we can agree (and I don't mean you and me - rather, the average fair-minded reader) - that you are being overly sensitive and churlish.

Although you are doing all the *taking* of offered free resources here, you desire these resources offered to you in a different way. (No longer however - now that with a little help from others and effort from you - you realise in fact, you had no problem to begin with.)
Yet you want to feel aggrieved ?
"Oh - 'the vitriol', oh 'the abuse'!...."

I'm not an admin or poster on this blog - but the guy you are so miffed at here - the same guy offering you, me, and others free, rare music from his private collection - IS. In fact this guy *started* Inconstant Sol in 2007.
You don't need to tug your forelock, bow down in homage or any of that I'm sure. But in my view, some respect is due. It is enormously lacking in your comments here.
Your attitude towards people who offer you free rare beautiful music (at considerable cost to themselves) - for nothing, free of charge ?
It is 'Completely unnecessary'.

Colin Green said...

I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest for this point to drag on, but there are a couple of points on which I should comment.

Lets be clear: my problem was that I wasn’t able to download the file: not that it was slow, or that I couldn’t download two files at once, but that the link simply wasn’t working. I couldn’t sort it out, so I asked if it could be made available on an additional file host. Frequently, files are made available from more than one site, and I didn’t think it would present any difficulties. I have to say, in the circumstances my request, although probably naive, seemed reasonable enough (although I shall never dream of making it again).

The response I got was twofold: that I was complaining; and that “you have only ever left comments here complaining about file hosts”. I did take offence at the latter, as it’s simply not true, for reasons I’ve already given, and I don’t consider that I was being oversensitive in feeling that way. I note that Sotise has not taken issue with my denial or offered any apology for what he said.

You’re right: I didn’t need an alternative file host in the end, but it seems to me that the appropriate way to deal with my original post was to be constructive and helpful – as both serviceton and headman have been – not to have responded as Sotise did, and then say: “hey pardon me if i don't feel sorry for you because you can't download 2 files, at once”, which is just plain childish.

As the man who started Inconstant Sol, and who regularly posts great music, otherwise unobtainable, Sotise deserves enormous gratitude and respect, and I fully acknowledge that I do not thank him and others often enough. I have already thanked him for this recording, which is a real find. However, it does not afford him carte blanche to say something about me that is untrue, and paint me as nothing more than a persistent winger. In the circumstances, I must at least be able to defend myself, though I accept I could have “respectfully suggested” that he was wrong.

Everyone has their off days, and in the grand scheme of things, none of this really matters. If I have upset or caused offence to anyone, I apologise. I hope that brings matters to a close.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Bluenote said...

Much obliged, Sotise!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!