27 April 2014


This album was first released as an untitled 2LP set on the Japanese BYG label in 1973.
The first CD edition on Affinity was titled "Student Studies". Later Black Lion issued another CD edition entitled "The Great Paris Concert".
The original cover is included in the files...
...and I have added two pieces from (most probably) the same session - 40 minutes more from this excellent group.

Cecil Taylor, piano
Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
Alan Silva, bass
Andrew Cyrille, drums

1. Student Studies (Part 1) 16:00
2. Student Studies (Part 2) 11:00
3. Amplitude  19:44
4. Niggle Feuigle 12:06
5. A Bright Light (Lover And Love) 21:13
6. Over There 19:20

Recorded in Paris at Maison De L'ORTF, Salle 105 on November 30, 1966 (Broadcast 'ORTF').

Tracks 1-4 originally released on BYG YX4003/4004.
Source for the rip BLACK LION BLCD760201.
Tracks 5 + 6 not released in any form.

Note: tracks 5+6 possibly recorded on December 1, 1966 at the Grand Amphitheatre de la Faculte de Droit, Paris, France.
Note 2: track 5 also titled "Bread, Wine, Lover & Love".
Note 3: alternate album title "THE GREAT PARIS CONCERT".


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martin said...

Thank you onxdlib, I had never been aware of the existence of, let alone actually heard, tracks 5 & 6. Thank you and thank you again.

hideo said...

always love for Cecil, thanksonxidlib!

Craig Premo said...

As Martin said, I didn't know about the additional two tracks, so thanks!

roberto t. said...

Unaware of the extra tracks which are wonderful, thank you.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very, very much!
The titles given for track 5 notwithstanding,
it is clearly "With (Exit)", the opening cut on the Conquistador album.
It's interesting to hear how much of it is in fact a "written" piece, with even much of Mr. Taylor's solo corresponding to the performance on the original album.

onxidlib said...

Thanks for this interesting observation.
Haven't heard "Conquistador" for many years - but I shall do so today and make my own comparison with the respective titles.

santos curser said...

I thought I had Conquistador on one of these computers here... I had all these things on vinyl, years and years ago before the big catastrophe... thanks
(going looking for Conquistador on other computers)

Anonymous said...

why the fucking FLAC? bullshit here again

Anonymous said...

This is probably a dumb question but will you have any of Cecil Taylor's live shows from The Whitney Museum?I know he's playing some great music in 2016 at the whitney.