14 April 2014

BOBBY WATSON & HORIZON - Live webcast from MCG

In case you missed it...

Audio only.

Bobby Watson & Horizon
April 12, 2014 (early show)
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Concert Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

01. The Young Rabbits  8:28
02. Sweet Dreams  14:35
03. Seventh Avenue South  15:58
04. chat  2:44
05. A Moment Of Silence  1:24
06. chat  0:32
07. From The Heart  8:09
08. chat  1:13
09. The Look Of Love  4:46
10. In Case You Missed It  8:19

Bobby Watson - Alto Saxophone
Terell Stafford- Trumpet
Edward Simon - Piano
Peter Washington - Bass
Victor Lewis - Drums


Andy said...


Wallofsound said...

I did miss it and am very glad to have this. Thanks, Andy.

jackalope said...

I was watching & listening with you. I'm glad you had the presence of mind to capture and later post the audio - now I can hear it again! These guys have been working together for over 2 decades (except for a switch in bass players) and you can tell - they're very tight with each other. This post reminded me to pick up the one of the Tailor Made Big Band you put up a while ago - WOW...I shouldn't have delayed! It's absolutely delightful - I think it outshines the CD they made by a good margin. I'm happy with the quality of your capture but wouldn't it be great if there are master tapes of that and they were officially released?! (I'd buy a copy) Thank you very much Andy!

Anonymous said...

i hope the missing bassist lundy's okay. his work with bang and with simmons last decade was a career high point in a high career. may the highs not take him too low.

Andy said...

Regular bassist Essiet Okon Essiet was away in Europe recording an album.