14 April 2014

BOBBY WATSON & HORIZON - Live webcast from MCG

In case you missed it...

Audio only.

Bobby Watson & Horizon
April 12, 2014 (early show)
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Concert Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

01. The Young Rabbits  8:28
02. Sweet Dreams  14:35
03. Seventh Avenue South  15:58
04. chat  2:44
05. A Moment Of Silence  1:24
06. chat  0:32
07. From The Heart  8:09
08. chat  1:13
09. The Look Of Love  4:46
10. In Case You Missed It  8:19

Bobby Watson - Alto Saxophone
Terell Stafford- Trumpet
Edward Simon - Piano
Peter Washington - Bass
Victor Lewis - Drums


Andy said...


Wallofsound said...

I did miss it and am very glad to have this. Thanks, Andy.

jackalope said...

I was watching & listening with you. I'm glad you had the presence of mind to capture and later post the audio - now I can hear it again! These guys have been working together for over 2 decades (except for a switch in bass players) and you can tell - they're very tight with each other. This post reminded me to pick up the one of the Tailor Made Big Band you put up a while ago - WOW...I shouldn't have delayed! It's absolutely delightful - I think it outshines the CD they made by a good margin. I'm happy with the quality of your capture but wouldn't it be great if there are master tapes of that and they were officially released?! (I'd buy a copy) Thank you very much Andy!

Anonymous said...

i hope the missing bassist lundy's okay. his work with bang and with simmons last decade was a career high point in a high career. may the highs not take him too low.

Andy said...

Regular bassist Essiet Okon Essiet was away in Europe recording an album.

francisco santos said...

fichier link still GOING!...

Erberken said...

Not anymore. Can you repost?

Andy said...


Andy said...

@ Erberken I'd have thought a simple thank you at least would be only polite when I've gone to the trouble of re-upping for you. Don't ask me again.